Friday, 21 June 2013

Sr. Jazz 2013 - 2014

Sr. Jazz  2013-2014
Allison Fletcher Alto I *
Devon Liscum Alto I
Brianna Wiebe Alto II
Matt Carter Alto II
Mackenzie Vargas Tenor I*
Aydan Jesson Tenor II
Mikayla Coad Tenor II
Connor Schmidt Bari
Nick McDowell Trumpet I*
Brandt Jesson Trumpet II
Jordan Lira  Trumpet III
Erica Braun Trumpet III
Brenley Palmer Trumpet IV
Bryson Labossiere Trombone I*
Christine Lobo Trombone II
Setphanie Sachvie Trombone III
Nic Stroud  Bass Bone
Alex Lussier  Bass *
Cam Cannon  Guitar
Kjersten Gaminek Piano
Dave Christiansen Drums
Lindsay Anderson Vibes/ Aux
* Indicates Section Leader
Thank you to all who  auditioned.  

These were some very tough decisions.

Band: Your Immediate Questions Answerd

Welcome back!  Band may look different, but we are here and we are still making wonderfully fun music! Stay tuned for more information ...