Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Band DVD Order Information

Dear Parents:

We are posting this to let you know about a very exciting and unique fundraising opportunity for the Band Program.  This year, we will again be selling a band DVD, which will feature lots of movies and tons of photos from each performing ensemble in the Band Program and including every concert.  We have been compiling this information over the past year, and we cannot tell you how excited we are about this dynamic project.  This exciting keepsake can act as a supplement to your son’s or daughter’s yearbook or act as a stand alone souvenir of the “too numerous to mention” accomplishments of the band program.  All orders must be pre-paid and no orders will be accepted after the 30th of May. A parent committee will be at the concert on the 28th to take your order.  The DVDs will be available for pick-up some time during the week of the 15th of June in the Band room. 

Pick up a DVD and enjoy a glimpse inside: “band@westwood”         

Please copy and print the lower portion as an order form and bring it to the concert with your cheque.

Each DVD sells for $20.00

Please submit this order form with your payment

DVD Title:  “band@westwood '2014”                      
            Student’s name ____________________________

            Student’s grade ____________________________

TOTAL NUMBER OF DVD’S ORDERD _____ X $20.00 = TOTAL COST  - $ _________ 


Band: Your Immediate Questions Answerd

Welcome back!  Band may look different, but we are here and we are still making wonderfully fun music! Stay tuned for more information ...