Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Note from Ms. Muncer

The text below arrived in a card from Ms. Muncer today and I wanted to make sure that her message got out to all of the band students.  It is with her blessings that it is reproduced here.

To:  Mr. Edwards and WW Band Students

Words cannot express my gratitude for the incredible welcome I received at the dress rehearsal last week.  I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the amazing cards that you gave to me.  Your kind, caring, inspiring and  mature thoughts was all very much appreciated.

Jake... Yes I love the cover designs!....  was this your handiwork?

Kjersten, thank you for suggesting the live feed!  Yes I heard the whole concert!

Piper... you kind and thoughtful words at the concert.... well you got me.  You are a very sweet, young, talented person with a heart of gold.

Finally....Mr. Edwards, my colleague and friend.  I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given me.  It's so very much more than anyone could ever wish for.

Miss you all to death.

Suzan Muncer.

Band: Your Immediate Questions Answerd

Welcome back!  Band may look different, but we are here and we are still making wonderfully fun music! Stay tuned for more information ...