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May 14th - Group Assignments

Part 2 - Groups


Part One - Acapella Rubric

Part Two -Group Project Rubric

APRIL 15th PART TWO(posted at 9:00PM)

Good Evening - there will be a change to our meetings. Starting tomorrow will now be using TEAMS for all our meetings.

Someone in your family will have received and email from the school division this evening about Microsoft TEAMS.  It would have looked like this:

"As our divisional staff strive to meet the needs of all learners within our community during the suspension of in-class learning, our goal is to have our staff and students connect in the safest and most secure online platforms that are available. 

With this in mind, we’re pleased to inform you that your child will now be able to use Microsoft Teams to connect with their teacher(s) and classmates in a safe and protected environment.  Microsoft Teams is a robust platform that includes many features, including a video conferencing platform that will allow your child to meet with their teacher(s) for whole group and/or small group instruction.
While many aspects of Microsoft Teams are supported within current web browsers on laptop or desktop computers, you may wish to install the free Microsoft Teams app onto a device in your home for your child to access their Teams account.  The free Microsoft Teams app can be installed on most tablets or mobile devices, but the desktop/laptop application would provide the best end-user experience for your child.  You will be able to download Microsoft Teams for any device from the following link:"

then underneath would be this message:

Once you’ve installed Microsoft Teams onto your device in your home, you can access you Microsoft Teams account with the following login credentials:

Student name:   Sponge Bob Squarepants (Your Name)
Username:     (Your first initial. last name @  
Password:  The password that you usually log into on any school computer (the first three letters of your first name, the first three letters of your last name and the last three numbers of your student number)

Make sure you turn your notifications on.

If I understand this correctly, you will not need a link.... I will be able to contact you through the app.


April 15th  PART ONE

Some information about marks.  As of today, teachers have been instructed to create a mark in Powerschool called "BASELINE."  This mark entry (baseline) is your grade as it stood in band on March 13th. We have been instructed to continue to mark assignments as per usual and input these grades into Powerschool.  In June we will be comparing your year end mark and your "Baseline" mark from March 13th.  As per our "clarified: instructions from the division:

  1. Student’s baseline mark, as at March 13th 2020, can be increased through their learning opportunities during the period of learning at home.
  2. Assignments or assessments that may bring down the student baseline mark from March 13th will still be documented in the grade-book  in order to monitor progress and communicate with parents, but will not impact the baseline grade from March 13th.
  3. All students will be required to engage in remote learning.
  4. All students who do not engage in remote learning will be required to undertake recovery learning next school year.
What does that mean for you in Band?
  1. I will continue to take attendance in our TEAMS (Sykpe) meetings as a method of recording your involvement in our in-class discussions.  Your attendance will be recorded as a "check mark"
  2. Assignment Part One: Solo project will be for marks and a marking rubric will be posted shortly.
  3. The same applies to Assignment Part 2.  
SO.... if either of these two assignments raises your mark from the "BASELINE" mark, you will receive the higher of the two.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

April 13th

Well ZOOM is no longer being recommended by our school division and is being banned by school divisions and districts all over the world.... so we are now moving forward with TEAMS.  We will be keeping the same meeting times as before.  You will need to download the TEAMS app for your device or desktop. Get it here:  Microsoft TEAMS

If I understand this correctly, you will not need a link.... I will be able to contact you through the app.


Symphonic Band will be meeting every Thursday at 1:00PM

Gr. 10 Concert Band will be meeting every Thursday at 2:00PM

Gr. 9 Concert Band  will be meeting every Thursday at 3:00PM

The PLAN for the remainder of the year:

The Band of the Future

I need all of you to approach this with an open and creative mind.  I want there to be no limitations in your thinking at first.  There will be no right or wrong way to approach these two assignments.  There are lots of ways to be successful at these assignments and multiple apps and programs that you may want to use to help you along the way.  I have suggested some below, but this is in no way a definitive list. You can write out music our you can use you ears - up to you. I am here to help, but don’t forget, if you need help reading written rhythms or notes, there is always help in our useful links section.

Please read everything here carefully before you begin, as you will want to think about both projects (Part One and Part Two) at the same time and start organizing Part Two right away and at the least agree on a possible song and membership (due May 8th).

As you know we will be meeting every Thursday for 15 - 30 minutes.  It is my hope that in this forum, we can discuss, share, hash out and problem solve so that each one of you can make the best videos possible.

The Westwood H.O.N.K. (Happenin’ Online Neverbeentriedbefore Koncert 

Part One:

Record a 30 second (MAXIMUM) - you may go over, just run it by MR.E 1st.  I don't feel like I need to put a minimum here, but I probably should so let's go 20 seconds.  4 - part video of you (and you only) making music of your choosing (any genre - where there’s music this could be your calling - video game, rap, Disney it’s all good).  You must be playing your band instrument (Concert and/or Jazz).  This must be your arrangement with you performing/ playing all 4 parts. No Vocals.    

Due Date: May 8th - save your final project to your camera roll or “pictures” and email it to me at

This is not an assignment to go on the internet and download an arrangement and play it - that’s called plagiarism.  This is an assignment for you to to be UBER creative and show us all what you can do.  Think outside the box… heck… think like there’s no box.  Is there a song you figured out on your clarinet?… use it.  Don’t go in search of something… use what you know.  In the end, perhaps you might start with a melody that’s written out from somewhere, but after that, it’s all you!  Make that melody your own….speed it up change a rhythm here and there… make it about you. The more creative you are the more fun you will have. Costumes?  Decor?

I am going to ask that everyone starts by using the App - Acapella 2020.  That way when we all talk about problems we are having we can all talk each other through them.  It will be very powerful.   

If you do not have a device that can access Acapella you may have to borrow your parents.  If that does not work, get a hold of me right away and we will see if we can come up with a solution for you ASAP.

Acapella tutorial -

Acapella is an excellent app and very intuitive for this kind of thing and will help you sync your parts and includes a built in metronome for a “Click” track and trust me when syncing parts it’s all about the “click.”  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep a consistent tempo across all parts.  This can easily be achieved by using a metronome…. DUH!  put a headphone in with the metronome playing and we will not hear the “click.” 


Have a look/ listen through all of the examples below before you get started and use these examples of “what a good one looks like” to get your creative juices flowing:

14 second Trumpet Funk:

Trumpet Funk II:

Mr. Grinch Anyone? -

Trombone Awesomeness from a middle-schooler:

Euphonia a plenty:

Feeling Christmas?  -

Percussionists - be creative - perhaps download - Tiny Piano app, drum set app, or just use what you have in your home. Buckets anyone:

Part Two:

Now let’s take all of your individual knowledge that you learned from the first assignment using Acapella and collaborate with your colleagues.  Let your creativity go wild.  You play some Guitar- use it.  Fool around on Ukulele - bring it too.  Got some mad beat boxing skills - let’s hear them.  Sing a little - why not? Love to muck about with editing…. we need you.  

The only rules are:

1. Begin with forming a Primary Group -  must be made entirely of members of your class- i.e. 9CB, 10CB and Symph (Max 8 People) 
2. No limit on the number of tracks.
3. You may have vocals if you wish, but if you do, you can have a Max of two vocal tracks.
4. This is not a choral assignment - 90% of the music being made must be on an instrument.
5. Again this is not a chance to plagiarize or lift something you’ve seen on the web - that’s cheating and there is absolutely nothing creative about that - that said, you are welcome to be inspired by anything you find.
6. You can use Acapella again, but that may no longer meet your needs.  Here you can use any program you wish to make your musical genius come alive.
7. As long as you are in a class based group, you can then collaborate on a secondary project that is multiple grades if you wish; in fact I encourage you to collaborate across grades, however....
8. You can be in more than one group, but be careful of spreading yourself to thin.
9. Each member of your group must be a current Westwood Band student.
10. Cannot find a group?  Get a hold of me and I will help find you people to collaborate with.
11. I leave you with the K.I.S.S. Rule of life - Keep it simple stupid.  In other words don't over estimate yourself.... less is more.

email to

As I mentioned before, this is an assignment for you to to be UBER creative and show us all that you can do.  Think outside the box… heck… think like there’s no box. The more creative you are the more fun you will have. Costumes?  Decor?

It is super important to remember that someone in your group has to put this together. You are going to have to record your tracks to a “click” and send the track to them to put together in some kind of app or program…. this takes time.... a lot of time... I REALLY MEAN IT... A LOT OF TIME, so budget accordingly. I believe Acapella has a way to share tracks, but I am not 100% certain this works as well as just emailing or texting them to the “Editor” or each other for that matter.  You will still be able to collaborate while you are editing.

The end result may look like a 10 pane video with you all doing stuff or perhaps it can unwind to a point where you join in or perhaps something even better.  All I am getting at is that when this project is finished it may indeed look a lot different than part one.

The absolute Due Date: June 12th, any projects submitted after the 12th will not be considered for our concert...due to editing considerations..... no debate.

Save your final project to your camera roll or “pictures” and email it to me at  I understand that this file may be a bit larger and more of a challenge to email, so you may have to share it through and online storage spot like google drive.


Suggested Apps and Programs:

Now Acapella is an amazing app but the FREE part only gets you 30 sec.  If you want to pay to unlock more time that’s up to you and your team.  Not a huge cost really if you extrapolate it across your whole team… and ultimately you are limited to your original frame shape and size.

You can literally use anything here - I am using Garage Band and iMovie.... if you are on a Windows or Linux desktop I am going to steal the recommendation of Bentley and have you try Light Works   Really easy to use and there is a video tutorial on their web site.

APP: iOS - Acapella Maker - Video Collage Google Play - Acapella Maker - Video Collage allows you to do the same thing as Acapella, but it does not have a 30 sec limit it also does not have all of the features.

You may also like to try -

Tutorial Using iMovie:

Perhaps you might also like this tutorial:

Another tutorial from Conor at the #movavi_vlog - but super high end and a wee bit complicated, but you might like that kinda thing just as a comparison:

There are literally 50 or so apps or programs that can do this kind of thing, so the above list is not the be all end all, but stands as a list of the main programs it would seem that people are using.  For example, if one of your team has a MacBook or iPhone it comes with iMovie, but I know that iMovie on the phone is pretty temperamental.  

Also , don’t be afraid to record a track and change it as the collaborative juices start flowing.  Maybe lay down a very simple piano type track to get people started and then re-record it when you need more groove.

Have a look/ listen through all of the examples below before you get started and use these examples of “what a good one looks like” to get your creative juices flowing:

Percussion original composition -

International Collaboration on Stand By Me (take note - you can see the metronomes forming their “click” tracks in the video segments.:

Gimme Shelter from playing for change -

More international Collaboration - What’s Goin’ on? -

Last one from Playing for Change - Don’t Worry Be Happy -

Stayin’ Inside (Because … well…. Corona Virus) -

Invisible drums? -

Getting frustrated…. Don’t stop believing in yourself! -

Part Three:

We will put all of the submissions into a Virtual Concert on June 18th called:

 The Westwood H.O.N.K. (Happenin’ Online Neverbeentriedbefore Koncert)

So.... what projects will make up the HONK?  Quality and not quantity should be the guiding factor. At this point... (and it is subject to change) I will be considering any assignment that scored above an 88 from Part ONE.  Now that being said, it will all boil down to time consideration.

Let's be clear... your parents want to see you perform.  So in that vein, I am considering 100% of Part Two assignments.  Good bad or otherwise.... no excuses wart and all performance of your stuff.

Part Four:

LASTLY… don’t forget we will still be having you wrap up your year with a final reflection 

Written Reflection #4 Due: June19th - 12’s we will have a day for you to pick up your portfolios.