Sr. Jazz Audition Info '20-21

June 29th - Audition Results

SR. JAZZ 2020-2021 - (Mornings - odd days).

Tegwyn Lutz-Greenhow*  Alto
Malory Burnett  Tenor/ Vocal
Lianne Kovacs Buhay  Tenor
Jasper Bain Bari
Ethan Lapkin  Trombone 
Drew Desender  Trombone 
Blake Edwards*  Trumpet 
Nathan Varghese  Trumpet 
Danica Dumore  Bass
Ty Baldwin* Guitar
Arannan Clark Drums

L.T.J.O. 2020 - 2021    (Mornings - even days).

Angela Gamayo* Alto I
Angeline Chahine Alto II
Naomi Hudson* Tenor I
Aiden Goetz Tenor II
Rachel Tarrant Bari Sax
Katherine Klippenstine* Trombone I
Amanda Labonte Trombone II
Jared Gerbrandt Trombone III
Noah Simpson Trombone III
Jack Clement Bass Bone

Caleb Sansome* Trumpet I
Sophie Villanueva Trumpet II
Julie Jang Trumpet III
Hannah Coukell Trumpet III
Riley Cornelius Trumpet IV

Sebastian Sarrondo* Bass
Brady Coulter Piano
Brooke Schrader Vibes/ Congas
Andrew Schilling Drums

May 20

Audition Sign-up

Everyone auditioning for Sr. Jazz must sign up for an audition time.  This year we will be doing something slightly different in that you will be pre-recording yourself and uploading your audition to Youtube.  Yes, that means you will need to create a YouTube account, but it does not mean you will have to make your audition public, as you may choose to only share the link with me.  At the time you sign up you and I will watch your YouTube audition together and we will discuss.  PLEASE have your instrument ready as I will most likely ask you to play some of the passages live.

Please record yourself so that I can clearly see you playing and that I can hear you over top of the original recording.

Please post each video separately to YouTube.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

April 29th

Well this is sure going to be a unique audition process.  As I type this on the 29th, the Premiere of Manitoba has just announced the first lessening of the restrictions for businesses etc.  What does this have to do with you?  Well...  that means that by June there might very well be the slimmest of chances that you could come to WW and complete your audition live with me (socially distanced of course).  For now, and until I hear otherwise, we will assume that will not happen and that we will be following the audition procedure below.

  • There are two pieces this year.  Soul Vaccination by Tower of Power and Standing up on a Hammock by the Buddy Rich Big Band.
  • All Altos, Tenors, Trumpets and Trombones audition on 1st part with the exception of Bass Bone.
  • If you are trying out for Auxiliary (percussion/Vibe) use the guitar or piano part for Standing up in a Hammock as your guide. I would expect to hear both vibes and conga for this chart.
  • Find and print your Part for Soul Vaccination and also download the .mp3 file to your device. This .mp3 will be the version you will be using for your audition.
  • Find and print your part for Standing up in a Hammock and also download the .mp3 file to your device. This .mp3 will be the version you will be using for your audition - NOTE - this version has been slowed down for the audition to a tempo of 125. Also, on this recording they do 5 choruses of 8 bars at the beginning, your part indicates 4.
  • Trumpets/ Trombones may take some of the notes down the octave if they choose... that said, it is strongly encouraged that you try your best-est to play the chart as written. 
  • Brass you do not need to use a mute unless you have one at home..... then feel free.
  • At this point I am trying to decide what is the best way to perform.  Live over Zoom /TEAMS or to record a video of your self playing the charts and send it to me.  Either way I just wanted to be transparent so you could wrap your head around the process for this year. Regardless of the method of performance for your audition....
  • Your audition is to be recorded/ performed over-top of the original... in other words you will play along with the track.
  • In my opinion you would be very foolish and you will most likely be unsuccessful if you even attempt to begin playing your part without first listing/ watching and getting really familiar with all of the videos below that pertain to you and listening daily to the two .mp3's.
  • Your audition recording must clearly show that you are playing at all times.
  • If it says solo in your part you solo - solo info and help can be found below.
  • Auditions are slated to begin June 8th... more information to follow.



Soul Vaccination - The Original - Tower of Power

Soul Vaccination - Tower of Power Live 1973

Soul Vaccination - Most of our version - YouTube

Soul Vaccination - YouTube - our version with dueling Tenors

Tower of Power horn section demonstrating proper articulation

Want some Drum Help?  Here's Dave Garibaldi giving a demo

Some more drum help

Want some Bass help? 

Don't forget Guitar


Just released during COVID - one of my fav Tower of Power tunes sung by all the former lead singers of the band:  What is Hip?


Standing up in a Hammock - Our Version

Standing up in a Hammock - The Original - Buddy Rich Big Band LIVE

Standing up in a Hammock - From the album Burning for Buddy with Neil Peart on drums - yes, he is the drummer for the Canadian rock band RUSH.





Band: Your Immediate Questions Answerd

Welcome back!  Band may look different, but we are here and we are still making wonderfully fun music! Stay tuned for more information ...