Friday 12 October 2012

So band news for this week:

Gr 11 and 12 Concert Band are on their way with new music. Recordings can be found at the link at the bottom left of this site.

Gr 9 Concert Band - is finished their auditions and move on to the 90's test next week.

Gr. 10 Concert Band is on to round 3 of the 90's test on Monday - where we know they will be victorious. Jazz Bands are all getting ready for their playing tests in a couple of weeks.

Sr. Jazz - Huesos (mm 9 - 51) and Sing Sing Sing (mm 9 - 70).

InterJazz -Big John's Special - Brass (57-73) Saxes (73 - 90) Longest Hour: Rhythm section - Both the "A" section and "B" section grooves. BlackBird - Drums 4 bars funk 4 bars samba. Nate - (mm 33-52)

Jr. Jazz - South Beach: (mm 103 - 117) Drums: play exact drum part at mm9 for 8 measures.

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