Friday, 7 December 2012

Concert Band Mid-Terms

Band Mid Term schedule has been announced.

All bands will complete a playing assessment during the first week back from Christmas break.

Members of sports teams, arts students and intramural superstars - do not skim this schedule.... as this is an in class exam, you will not be permitted to miss class time unless you can prove that you have direct conflict with your exam (i.e. a game.... a practice or extra rehearsal is not a conflict).  If you do have a conflict, you are to notify me immediately so we can make alternate arrangements.

Concert Band Midterms:

January 8 - Grade 9 Concert Band - period 6
January 9 - Grade 10 - period 1, Grade 12 Concert Band - period 3, Grade 11 Concert Band - period 6

Jazz Band Midterms:

January 8 - Sr. Jazz - 7:30 a.m., Intermediate Jazz - 12:00
January 9 - Jr. Jazz - 12:00.

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