Thursday, 10 January 2013

It's that time......

Westwood Collegiate Band Department
proudly presents our

Winter Concert

January 21st @ 7:00 p.m. in the Gym
[Students are to be here no later than 6:00]

Some things you need to know about our concerts:

1.  You are encouraged to bring your own chair.

   People often ask about the chair thing. No, we are not trying to get out of work. I always respond that you can thank my father for the chair thing. When I was younger, my parents would come to my concerts in the gym, just like you have tonight. At the end, I would ask him how things went and he would often reply that his butt was numb. I realized many years later, that what he was saying was that he would enjoy the concert for as long as his butt could handle it. My solution..... comfy chairs. I know it is bit “kitschy,” but it truly makes for a more enjoyable experience.  

When can you put down your chair?  doors are open at 3:30..... fill your boots!

Now if you don't want to bring a chair you are welcome to sit in the balcony or on the stage where chairs will be provided.

2.  Students are required to stay for the whole concert.... that's right.... all of it.

   Why mandatory attendance?  Well,  we teach the team approach here at Westwood and we insist that all students, as part of their concert appreciation, watch as much of the other groups and help clean up at the end; regardless of what grade they are in. We are all in this together and I believe in the idea that my parents instilled in me as a young boy - that many hands make light work and that your applause is so much more satisfying when it is genuine.  

3.  I also get asked about  my take on concert etiquette. 

   I firmly believe that we have as a society lost or are losing concert etiquette. I have been to many, many, many concerts over the years and I am always appalled at the way some people act completely unaware of what is going on around them. I have personally seen people answer and talk on the phone during concerts. I have seen people walk out in a middle of a performance of another group... I have even heard a person cutting their nails during a performance. Slowly, but surely, actions like these have worked their way into society......don’t even get me started on going to the movies. I even teach my students that texting during a concert is the same as talking. The bottom line, is that these examples may be a sign of the times, but they are rude and if we do not teach our children, and our friends, that it is unacceptable... then who will? All we are asking is that our audience become a bit more sophisticated and put away the technology for a couple of hours and let yourself get taken away by the music. Do we really have to tell you to turn your cell off?

4.  The band DVD - taking video and photos at the concert

   As you can imagine, we work really hard to get things just perfect for our concerts.  We want you to sit and enjoy the show and take in all of the rest music.  Too often, now, when you son or daughter is on stage, you don't get to enjoy much, as you are staring at the concert through some kind of mini-window and you try to record it for posterity.    A few years ago, I envisioned a way for you to do both and thus the Band DVD was born.  I hire a professional videographer and a photographer to shoot our show so you don't have to.  At the final concert, we will put out a table and sell the DVD's for $20.  On the DVD you will get the entire year.  The photos are high res so you can even blow them up.  The DVD is traditionally available for pick-up in the middle of June and the funds raised go directly back into the band program.

5.  A final thought

    We really and truly hope you enjoy the show. We have worked very hard for many hours perfecting every nuance of the music. All we are asking is that you respect the rights of the people around you to listen to their son or daughter with the same amount of respect and intensity as you expected when it was your son or daughter’s turn on stage.

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