Monday, 11 February 2013

We Love Lincoln

Well another great collaboration between Lincoln Gr.8 Band students and Westwood Grade 12 students has come and gone.  We simply had a blast.  To quote the article that Mrs. Chrisp wrote for The Contact:

 On divisional in-service morning of Monday February 4th , well over 100 young and vibrant musicians from Westwood Collegiate and Lincoln Middle School united to share a passion for music making. Director of Bands at Westwood, Mr. Greg Edwards, along with his exemplary team of Gr.11 and 12 concert band students, coordinated and graciously hosted instrument sectionals and a full ensemble workshop for their neighboring feeder school. The Westwood students both led the sectionals as well as sat within and amongst the Grade 8 Lincoln band students.  Magic was in the air as the seniors inspired and motivated the juniors by playing musical examples and offered suggestions on how to improve an array of musical aspects such as tone quality, dynamics and articulation.  The power of young people to act as leaders and role models is a beautiful and powerful teaching tool.  We are extremely fortunate in our world of music making to be able to collaborate learners in this fashion, have the seniors try their hands at teaching and the juniors leave inspired and moved by their older and more experienced peers.  The Westwood Senior Jazz Band treated the Lincoln musicians to an energetic performance of Stevie Wonder's - Superstition. Lincoln Director Mrs. Chrisp and some of her students were invited to sit in with the Westwood Senior Jazz Band and had much fun playing along.  The morning concluded with a full ensemble rehearsal in the Westwood gymnasium that consisted of both the junior and senior musicians rehearsing as one mass concert band.  The ensemble sound was both inspirational and exciting for all involved.  Following a pizza lunch the students departed and for certain were richer musicians and people for having participated in this meaningful and creative endeavor. 

Enjoy some photos that celebrate the day.

Westwood Bands in the Newspaper (Headliner and Metro)

A handful of Greg Edwards's band students hold the group's awards at Westwood Collegiate on June 22. From left: Brooke Schrader, Dan...