Monday, 23 September 2013

Intermediate Jazz/ Junior Jazz

Intermediate Jazz:

Here is the summary of our discussion this afternoon.

Wednesday the 25th - Sectional
Friday the 27th - Run through
Tuesday the 1st - Run through
Thursday the 3 - Audition

Here is the marking Rubric - Jazz Assessment Rubric

Here is the version of Grande Funk we used in class.

I din't use this one in class - but it is my new favourite...... just listen to the balance and control.... we could totally sound like this...... so laid back.

Junior Jazz:

As mentioned on the previous Post we will begin our auditions on Monday Sept 30th.

Here is your audition Rubric - Assessment Rubric

Check this out:

Westwood Bands in the Newspaper (Headliner and Metro)

A handful of Greg Edwards's band students hold the group's awards at Westwood Collegiate on June 22. From left: Brooke Schrader, Dan...