Friday 6 September 2013

Intermediate/ Jr. Jazz

Okay.... so it is not a perfect world and I am not finished the list.  I have spoken to a few people and I am pretty close to getting everything finalized.  You will notice that Intermediate is a little heavy on trombones, so I may move some around later.

 It is subject to change, but let's start with this.

Here's what I have so far. ....

Junior Jazz - Days 2,4,6 at 12:05 SHARP (Bring your lunch)

Cvitan, Brady Sax
Toles, Joshua Sax
Trites, Christian Alto Sax
Flanagan, Brooke Alto Sax
Hester, Cameron Tenor
Peters, Davis  Tenor
Fenton, Taylor Bari Sax
Huynh, Derick Trumpet
Labossiere, Ryan Trumpet
Schmidt, Ben Trumpet
Lakie, Jaden  Trombone - Baritone T.C.
Loewen, David Trombone
Ducharme, Austin Bass
Brenden McLeod Bass
Hayward, Brianna Piano
Maslanka, Evan Drums
Khoma, Maksym Vibes
Ghafuri, Karim Guitar

Intermediate Jazz - Days 1,3,5 at 12:05 SHARP (Bring your lunch)

Bijl, Sarah  Alto Sax
Frick, Sahmara Alto Sax
Narynski, Ali Alto Sax
Sigurdson, Georgia  Alto Sax
Jang, Michelle Tenor Sax
Smorang, Kyla  Tenor Sax
Wollf, Halley  Tenor Sax
McKinnon, Piper  Bari Sax
Corbett, Josh  Bari Sax
Chryplywy, Michael  Trumpet
Gillingham, Andrew Trumpet
Koldon, Joshua  Trumpet
Kuzyk, Jessie  Trumpet
Trites, Nathan  Trumpet
Jenken, Hayden Trumpet
Gapp, Stefan Trombone
Lebedeff, Megan Trombone
Nguyen,  Jonah Trombone - Baritone B.C.
O'Dowda, Brendan Trombone
Davis, Ashley  Trombone
Kaminsky, Brittany  Trombone - Baritone B.C.
Nicholson, Roman Trombone
Panico, Martino  Trombone
Mroz, Ocean  Trombone
Zacharias, Hailey  Piano
Gaminek, Erik  Bass
Klyne, Matthew  Guitar
Karam, David Drums
Martin, Evan  Drums

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