Thursday, 9 January 2014

Homework Assignment - All Bands

By class time next week students are to have listened to their pieces, with music in hand, three times. You are to follow along with the recording and use you finger to keep track of where you are in your music.  I am not asking you to play it..... just actively listen and follow along.

While you are listening, try to hear how your part fits with the whole ensemble.  Use a pencil to identify moments when your section is the focus of the music and should be heard clearly.  Listen for moments where the music moves you and see if you can identify why.  With any luck this will give you all the global perspective we all need.  The famous Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky called it, "seeing the WHOLE ice."

That's it.  Super simple and it will pay huge dividends.

Have a great weekend.

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