Monday 21 April 2014

Sr. Jazz 2014-2015 Auditions

I sincerely hope that everyone had a fantastic Easter.

Sr. Jazz audition music is now available for next year.  Please see Mr. E to pick up your copy of the music.

A full recording of the music and a recording of the solos section (with full rhythm section) is available on the Westwood Band listening site.... just scroll to the bottom.

Audition Times:

Auditions are held from Tuesday May 20th to May 30th.   Auditions will be booked in 15 minute blocks.  Mr. Edwards will be available on 1,3,5 before school and every day after school.

Obviously during this time we are in classes, so I want to make clear that you DO NOT have my permission to miss class to audition.  You are not to schedule time with Mr. Edwards unless you are free.

You are responsible for coming to Mr. Edwards and arranging a time.  No drop-ins.  First come.... first served.  There will be no extensions.  Do not wait until the 30th.... it will be too late.

Audition Details:
Part One:  will consist of the entire piece to be played along with the original track at low volume.

Part Two: every member must take two choruses of solo along with the solo track.

Both tracks are located at the bottom of Westwood's listening site.

The Solo section would be  (8 bars Hip-Hop and 8 Bars Shuffle )X2


C Instruments:  8 bars F Blues  2 Bars F Blues, 2 Bars Dmin, 4 Bars F Blues

Bb Instruments:  8 bars G Blues  2 Bars G Blues, 2 Bars Emin, 4 Bars G Blues

Eb Instruments:  8 bars D Blues  2 Bars D Blues, 2 Bars Bmin, 4 Bars D Blues

Basic soloing advice:

In whatever key you are in you will want to find these three notes to create you solo foundation:

1st note, flat 3rd note (3rd note down a semi-tone) and flat 7th (7th note down a semi-tone).
Combine that with a healthy dose of attitude and rhythm and you will be on your way.

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