Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Amazing Performance

On Thursday October 23rd, Westwood Collegiate will host the world renown Air Command Band in our theatre at 1:00 for a one hour thrill ride of musical excellence. All members of our community are welcome. 

The Royal Canadian Air Force Band is a group of thirty-five fulltime professional musicians who routinely perform throughout Canada. Comprised of a number of diverse groups and ensembles, the Band's role is to provide musical support to the Canadian Forces, all levels of government, and to a variety of public functions. TheRoyal Canadian Air Force Band also proudly represents Canada and the Canadian Forces around the globe. Military and public parades, ceremonial occasions, international tattoos, public and school concerts, official dinners, dances and receptions are all typical engagements for theRoyal Canadian Air Force Band and its varied ensembles.
In 2009 the Band embarked on an extensive and exciting musical restructuring that greatly enhanced its repertoire and relevance to better appeal to audiences of all ages. The versatility of the new Royal Canadian Air Force Band is readily evident through the number and variety of its groups and ensembles: Jet Stream, a Pipes and Drums Corps, Command Brass, Dixieland Band, Jazz Combos, a Celtic Band, Jazz Big Band and of course, Parade Band.
For over sixty years, this professional Air Force Band has been highly visible throughout the Canadian Forces. Instilling national pride in Canadian audiences across the country, it is also a key contributor to "esprit de corps" in our military. The Royal Canadian Air Force Band proudly represents Canada at international events around the globe, bringing with it the highest degree of diplomacy and statesmanship.
The Royal Canadian Air Force Band is based out of 17 Wing, Winnipeg and is presently under the command of Captain John Fullerton, CD. To find out more about the Royal Canadian Air Force Band and its wide-ranging ensembles or to request these services, please contact the Royal Canadian Air Force Band.
Visit the band's website here - Royal Canadian Air Force Band

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