Monday 27 October 2014

Coming to an end of the first quarter

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is some FYI band notes....

It is hard to believe, but the first quarter of Band is coming to a close.  That means that we have some dates to be aware of.

Oct. 31st - Sectional cut-off.  Sectionals must be recorded in the sectional book by 3:30 this Friday.

Nov. 3rd - Self-Assessment #1 is Due.  Please visit our self-assesment page in the banner menu above for information on how to complete a successful self assessment.  My advice is to start with the check-list.

Nov. 3rd will be the last day for re-tests if you would like to change your mark on the first report card.

In the classroom, I have incorporated a unit on Music Philosophy this year.  Touch base with your music student if you would like to learn more.

All Jazz bands have finished their playing tests this week and the Symphonic Band and Gr. 10 Concert Band have passed the 90's test.  In all of that blur of assessment, I'm certain there are some marks that students may wish to polish up.  I am free after school until 4:00PM just about every day.

9 Concert Band in completing their one day unit on self-assessment today and then they will begin their run on the 90's test covering the material on pages 7-9 of their I Recommend method book.

We have some fees due as well,

Due on NOVEMBER 7th - Nationals Payment #1 and Brandon Jazz Payment #1.

Instrument Rentals/ Percussion fees - payment due November 17th. - see the Online rental link above for more information.

Speaking of Brandon Jazz.....

All of the information from the meeting last thursday is now on our website.  Just click the link above and follow the instructions for payment and forms to be filled out and returned.

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