Thursday 6 November 2014

Brandon Jazz/ Galapagos/ IB/ Nationals

After some consideration and thought, we are going to recommend that students participating in the Galapagos trip DO NOT attend the Brandon jazz festival.  I have spoken with Mr. Shoesmith and the departure date seems to be staying with the 20th which could prove to be fairly problematic.

All apologies for any confusion.  If you have paid your deposit for Brandon and you are involved in the Galapagos tour, your $100.00 will be refunded.

With the  IB exam dates being public since last June, it is paramount that any student that is involved in the Nationals tour correlate their exam dates with our tour dates.  We ARE NOT recommending that IB students travel to Nationals, as we ARE NOT going to be in a situation to proctor student IB exams.  Please check with Mr. Valentim immediately if you have any concerns.

If you have made the $200 payment and you are not able to attend due to the IB exam schedule, your deposit will be refunded.

Please contact Mr. Edwards or Ms. Russell immediately if you have any concerns.

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