Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Music Department Jacket Order

This year the Music Department (Band and Choral) have decided to offer students the opportunity to purchase department jackets.  

Westwood Band and Choral students who wish to order a jacket may choose Small, Medium or Large in Men’s Style OR  Women’s Style.  All jackets black with charcoal piping, and will have a maroon “W” on the left front panel, with a grey outline around the letter, and with black words “Westwood Music” inside the letter.
Jacket price includes name of student left sleeve, and costs $65.54 (taxes included)
Adding disciplines (i.e. Band, Choral, Vocal Jazz, Jr. Jazz, etc) on the right sleeve cost $3.50 per line (taxes included).

Sample size jackets for students to try on will be at the school by November 21st. Deadline for submitting this order form is Friday,  November 28th. Payment is by cheque, made out to Westwood Collegiate. Please note - 
Although order forms are being distributed in class, you can download the order form from the link below.

All orders are paid by cheque only (Westwood Collegiate) and must be turned into Mr. Edwards or Ms. Russell no later than Friday November 28th with a completed order form.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band begins the week of the 11th.  Monday - Sr. Jazz at 7:20 AM. Tuesday - L.T.J.O.  7:20 AM and B.I.G. Band at 12:03PM.  No Instrument...