Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What Happened to Westwood Percussion Pride?

Hang on for a bit of a rant folks,

I have had the pleasure of being in a vast majority of the band rooms in this province as a guest and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt that we have one of the finest.  We have some truly impressive instruments that other schools would sell their xboxes for. .... not to mentions the mallet choices.  Lately, though, the percussionists have been treating the band room like their bed room.... literally, thousands of dollars of instruments are being abused and left to be knocked over by anyone who comes into the room.  Mallets are pulled apart for fun and abused and left lying around like used clothing on the bedroom floor.

Maybe percussionists  are under the impression that "Dobby"is going to clean up after them.  Well, that might be true, as I usually do clean up and tidy after them.


It is time that percussionists, start showing some Westwood pride!  There was a time when you did not take all of this for granted, so I know you can do it.

Mallets go in the mallet drawer.  Cords and cables get wrapped up.  Things that break or are broken are reported to Mr. Edwards so they can be fixed or replaced.

If we do not change our methods, it is only a matter of time that something of real value gets broken.

Enough talk.... "Let your performance do the talking."

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