Friday 16 January 2015

Concert Info for Performers (and parents)

Everything you need to know about our 
Winter Concert - Feb 3rd.

  • After 15 years of funkiness, parents are no longer permitted to bring their own chairs to our concerts as per division policy.  That said, the doors to our concerts will open at 4:00PM and if you wish to come early to reserve chairs or simply sit and wait, you are more than welcome.
  • Set up Monday the 2nd at 9:15 p.m. - You should be gone by 9:45 p.m.
  • Tuesday the 3rd (1st day of Semester 2) we will have dress rehearsals as follows:

Period 1 - Symphonic
Period 2 -10 Concert Band*
Period 3 -Jr. Jazz *
Period 4 (Lunch) - Intermediate Jazz
Period 5 - 9 Concert Band
Period 6 -Sr. Jazz*
* = Not @ normal class time.


  • Be here in your room for 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night. -  Gr.9/ Jr. Jazz - Choral Room, 10 Concert/ Inter Jazz - Theatre, Symphonic/ Sr. Jazz - Band Room.
  • Gr. 9’s handing out programs should be in the lobby for 6:10 with a HUGE smile.  Don’t forget the people already seated. - 1 Program per family, please.

Concert Order:

Symphonic Band
Intermediate Jazz
Intermission #1 - 5 minutes Max
10 Concert Band
Jr. Jazz
Intermission #2 - 5 minutes Max

9 Concert
Sr. Jazz
A very rough timeline:  Everything here is +/- 5 minutes

6:50 - students not in Symphonic or  Inter Jazz go to the gym (balcony?) to watch Symphonic Band.
6:53 - Symphonic Band and Inter Jazz to the stage - if you are in Symphonic Band and Intermediate Jazz - bring your Jazz    stuff with you. If you are in 10 Concert - bring that stuff with you, also.
7:03 - Mr. Wake says, “Let’s do this!”
7:05 - Symphonic Band plays.
7:25 - Inter Jazz plays.
7:30 - 10 Concert Band and Jr. Jazz line up outside the Gym to enter when Symphonic and Inter Jazz leaves. If you are in Sr. Jazz and 10  Concert or are playing with the next groups, bring your stuff to minimize transitions.
7:45 - First Intermission - Symphonic and Inter Jazz out, and 10 CB  and Jr. Jazz in.  Members of 10 Concert that are in Sr. Jazz, may want to bring their Sr. Jazz stuff.   9 Concert and Sr. Jazz to their rooms for a quick tune and get ready to line up.
7:55 - 10 Concert Band Plays - Jr. Jazz watches. - Once 10 Concert is finished, members of 10 Concert that are in Sr. Jazz, leave out the “counselling doors” behind the “shell” to join up with Sr. Jazz.
8:00 - Sr. Jazz and 9 Concert to line up outside the gym. members of Gr. 9 Concert that are in Jr. Jazz bring their Jr. Jazz stuff with them at this time.
8:15 - Jr. Jazz plays- after you are done, members of Jr. Jazz in 9 Concert band leave out the counselling doors to join the 9’s in the Band Room.
8:30 - Second Intermission - Jr. and 10 CB out - Sr. and 9 Concert in.
8:40 - 9 Concert Plays.
8:45 - Sr. Jazz Plays- Gr. 9 Concert watches.
9:00 - Everyone grabs something and takes it back to the Band room and begin stacking chairs.

  • Within reason, you are expected to be in the gym supporting your colleagues in the other bands.  Remember a good audience member applauds the other bands and after jazz solos.  They also do not talk unnecessarily or use their mobile device.  In short, you are to be the model of what a perfect audience member should be.

  • Remember, this is not the time to try flute if you play trumpet.  We have all worked way too hard to screw this up.  Because you will have already played during the day, there is no need for a 10 minute warm up.  Just blow a couple of notes and chat with your friends until you are directed to tune.  Don’t waste your face.

  • When you are in your rooms line up as if you were in class and be very quiet so that you can tune.  1st clarinet (section leader) should have a tuner and leave it in your room for Jazz people.  If it does not go well, we may tune on stage.

  • You are required to stay for the entire concert.... period... that’s how we roll... At the end of the night - Everyone cleans-up.

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