Monday, 9 February 2015

Keera Lyall: Band Student in the NEWS

This year, Keera was selected as the ambassador for the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation.

She was also selected as part of the Shaw TV Wish Experience and her wish was to jam with JP Hoe.

So last week,  Keera had the opportunity to jam with one of her idols, the wonderful and talented JP Hoe!

Watch the full footage on the link below and thank you to Ms. Lyall for also send me footage from the jam session.

Way to go Keera.... we are all super proud of you and your music making!

Keera, JP and Brendan

Jazz Band

Jazz Band begins the week of the 11th.  Monday - Sr. Jazz at 7:20 AM. Tuesday - L.T.J.O.  7:20 AM and B.I.G. Band at 12:03PM.  No Instrument...