Monday 21 March 2016

For the Love of the Arts

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are excited to announce that tickets are now on sale for:

“FLOTA 2016 – The Artistic Brain”
April 11th, 2016
5:30 Arts Display, 7:00 PM Performances
Westwood Collegiate Gym
360 Rouge Rd
(204) 888-7650

Tickets will be sold at the following times:
·     Before school                             Westwood Collegiate Library
·     Lunch hour (12:03-1:00) Front of Office
·     After school (3:30-4:30)            Front of Office

The ticket price is $15.00 per seat or $110.00 for a table of 8.
(Payable in Cash or Cheque - made out to “Westwood Collegiate”)


Westwood Collegiate Arts Departments

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