Monday 4 April 2016

FLOTA and Family Concert Information

Just around the corner we will be celebrating the vibrant music making that goes on with our Family of Schools and taking a look at all the amazing arts disciplines at Westwood with our own exciting For the Love of the Arts or - F. L. O. T. A.

This year the band program will be represented by the Gr. 9 Concert Band and the Sr. Jazz at both events.

The dates for these two events are back to back - April 11 and 12th.  April 11th is F.L.O.T.A. and the next evening is the Family Concert - featuring music from: Phoenix, Robert Browning, Sansome, Lincoln and of course Westwood.

If you are a member of either Gr. 9 CB or Sr. Jazz, here's what you need to know:

1.  Set-up for FLOTA takes place at 5:00PM on Sunday April 10th.  Should be no longer than 20 min.
2.  Sr. Jazz has their dress rehearsal at 7:30AM (regular class time) on the 11th (Monday) and GR. 9's are excused from period 1 and will be in the gym from 8:30 - 9:30AM. on the 11th (Monday).
3.  On the night of FLOTA ((Monday, April 11th) the Gr. 9's are to meet in the band room no later than 6:30PM in uniform - the exception being if you are in a F.L.O.T.A. event that is before ours or right after ours and you need to be in a dance costume or the like.  The 9's perform near the beginning and are permitted to leave after their performance.  If they would like to stay until the end, they are welcome to do so, but must sit in the balcony.  Parents will have to purchase a ticket for their son or daughter if they would like to sit together in the main audience.
4.  On the night of F.L.O.T.A. Sr. Jazz is to meet in the Band room no later than 7:30PM in uniform.
5.  For Family Concert (Tuesday, April 12), we will have all grades from K-12 here so we begin a bit earlier in consideration of the little ones (6:00PM) and the show only lasts and hour and a half.  The biggest difference is that we all stay in the gym for the entire time; including your performance time.
6.  Students in Gr.9 CB and Sr. Jazz are to be at the school no later than 5:15PM.  Gr. 9 CB in the Band Room and Sr. Jazz will meet in Mr. Carson's room.
7.  At the end of the Family Concert all of the instruments, stands and chairs must come back to the band room.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Edwards.

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