Monday 16 May 2016

Final Concerts and the End of the Year

I know it is hard to believe that it is that time already, but as we approach the middle of May, it is important that we look at all of the up coming dates and get ready for the celebration of our successes and the craziness that is the end of the year.

May 20th is the cut off for our last round of sectionals for Concert Band.  

May 25th is our set up for the Final Concert at 5:15PM. As always, we will be needing your help for about 20 minutes.

May 26th will be the dress rehearsals throughout the day for our concert that evening.

May 26th. Final Concert Band Concert.  7:00PM gym - Doors open at 3:30PM

  • Here you will be able to order your band DVD for $20 before and after the concert. The Band DVD contains photos and videos from both concerts and a few candids from throughout the year. It is our only fundraiser and all funds raised go directly back into the program.
  • Students need to be here at 6:00PM
  • This concert will be again webcast - the link will be posted here closer to the concert date.
May 30th - Sectional cut off for Jazz Band.

May 30th - set up for Final Jazz Concert after school. Again, we will only need help for about 20 minutes.

May 31st - Dress Rehearsal for the Final Jazz concert through out the day.

May 31st - Final Jazz Concert at 7:0PM in the theatre.
  • Doors open at 4:00PM
  • Students will need to be here at 6:00PM.
  • This concert will be again webcast - the link will be posted here closer to the concert date.

    June 1st - sign-up sheets go up for Sr. Jazz Auditions. Auditions will take place from the 13th to the17th.

    June 6th - all music music/ folders and method books must be handed in by 3:30PM for sorting by the nines. All instruments that are not being used by students for auditions or Grad Band must also be turned in today.

    June 6th - Final Self-Assessment Due - Everyone else follows the same format except Seniors. Sr.'s are to take their folder home this week and re-read all of the contents. Their final self assessment is of their entire 4 years at Westwood and encompass what it is, if anything, that they have accomplished and/or learned in their time here.

    June 6th to the 28th - Grad Band Rehearsals - No auditions. Students are hand selected by Mr. Edwards.

    June 8th - Grade 9 Sort

    June10th - Gr. 9 Clean.

    June 17th - Last Official Day of Classes

    June 20th (ish) - Band DVD's are available for pick-up.

    June 29th - All instruments go for repairs.

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