Tuesday 4 April 2017

FLOTA and Family Concert

WOW is time flying here in the Band Program.  Super successful Brandon Jazz tour where are very own Aidan Clarke was named as the top rhythm section player of the festival.  Way to go Aidan.  With this honour, Aidan also receives a $150 Scholarship to the University of MAnitoba summer jazz Camp.

Now on to FLOTA (For the Love Of The Arts) and Family Concert.

This year we are featuring the Grade 10 Concert Band and the Sr. Jazz for back to back nights April 10 and 11th.

Heres how it all plays out:

April 9 (Sunday) at 4:00PM we will do set-up.  This should take approximately 30 min(or less)

April 10 -  FLOTA - Dress Rehearsal - Sr. Jazz Period 1, 10 Concert band Period 2

6:15PM - 10 Concert band meet in the Band Room.  Can leave after performance if they wish… should be done before 8:00PM

8:00Pm - Sr. Jazz meet in the band room - should be done around 9:30PMish


April 11 - Family Concert - everyone meet in the band room at 5:15PM

6:00PM  Concert starts and features music from: Pheonix, Sansome, Robert Browning, Lincolna nd Westwood.  Concert should be done by 7:30PM


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