Monday, 29 May 2017

Want to watch our concert?

For the past five years we have been live streaming our concerts to the world and we have received countless emails and texts encouraging us to keep sharing out music with you.

There are two way to watch: if you would like to watch the concert via our web site, you can come back Tuesday and Wednesday and the feed below will be live at 7:00PM Central. OR... you can watch by clicking on these links.  Concert Band: and Jazz Band:

These links are easy ways to share via: text, email, snapchat, kik, instagram, etc. our concerts

Thank you in advance to all who watch and take part in this dynamic (good music pun) event.

Final Concert Band Concert:

Final Jazz Band Concert:

Westwood Bands in the Newspaper (Headliner and Metro)

A handful of Greg Edwards's band students hold the group's awards at Westwood Collegiate on June 22. From left: Brooke Schrader, Dan...