Wednesday 7 June 2017

Congrats - Athletic Awards

Congratulations to all of our award winners at the Athletic banquet last night.  The great thing about Westwood is that we have a large number of athletes who are also involved in the band program.

Here are our Athletic Musicians:

JV Girls Volleyball Coach's award - Jessica K. (Trumpet)

Varsity Boys Volleyball - Coach's Award - Brady C. (Bassoon)

Girls Rugby Coach's Award - Brenna D. (F. Horn)

Baseball Coach's Award - Colin Y. (Bass Bone)

Boys Hockey Coach's Award - Ben S. (Trumpet)

JV Boys Volleyball MVP - Bryce M (Baritone)

Varsity Girls Volleyball MVP - Kelli B. (Trombone)

Varsity Girls Volleyball MVP - Mikayla W.  (Flute)

Varsity Boys Volleyball MVP  - Ryan L. (Trumpet)

Ultimate MVP - Nick E. (Timpani/ Percussion)

JV Ultimate MVP - Lexi M. (Tenor Sax/ Piano)

Curling MVP - Mason S. (Flute)

Curling MVP - Cassie S. (Clarinet)

JV Girls Basketball MVP - Lexi M.  (Tenor Sax/ Piano)

Girls Soccer MVP - Megan H. (Alto Sax)

Badminton MVP - Derek H. (Trumpet)

Badminton MVP - Jeremy L. (Mallets)

Girls Rugby MVP - Danika M. (Flute)

Boys Rugby MVP  - Christian T. (Alto)

Boys Soccer MVP - Devin D. (Bass Clarinet)

Lacrosse MVP - Kellen C. (Alto Sax)

JV Boys Athlete of the Year - Bryce M. (Baritone)

JV Girls Athlete of the Year - Lexy M. (Tenor Sax/ Piano)

Varsity Boys Athlete of the Year - Ben S. (Trumpet)

Warrior Award - Maya S. (Clarinet)

Warrior Award - Nick E.  - (Timpani/ Percussion)

Warrior Heart and Hustle Award - Bentley T (Trombone)

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