Friday, 9 February 2018

Westwood Artists of the Month

Artists of the month - February 

There are many reasons that the Westwood Band Program continues to be recognized as one of the top in the country, but one of the most often overlooked factors is the super-awesome students that we continue to attract.  This month we celebrate the hard work and dedication of eleven students…. that’s right, eleven students.  Each of these individuals have selflessly given up their spares, their free time and, in some cases, their precious morning sleep time to participate in and extra ensemble in addition to their regularly scheduled Concert Band and/or Jazz Band. They have acted as peer tutors and have added well need support and encouragement to our ensembles. Please join me in recognizing: Gracie B., Brett D., Drew D., Avery E., Blake E., Kathryn E., Chase M., Lidiya O., Isabella R. Jordan W. and Rachel W. as band students of the month for February.

Lots of Exciting Performances Coming Soon

  Mark your calendars... Lots of exciting performances are on the horizon for the band program.  Looking forward to seeing you all there. Ja...