GEO 20

 Geography in the NEWS:

1.    France makes it illegal to throw away unsold food - should we?

2.    Biodiversity: What is a mass extinction and are we causing one?

3.    Humans want to mine the moon: Here are the rules.

4.    The rush to electric cars may be a mistake.

5.    E-Waste - What about a common phone charger

6.   Are Electric Vehicles Good?  Is there a plan for the waste they create?

7.  How do E vehicles perform in the cold?

8. Electric Vehicles promise environmental wins, But could there be an environmental cost?

9.   Earth's inner core may have stopped turning and could go into reverse, study suggests

10.  Climate change: Invest in technology that removes CO2 - report

11.  India's plastic problem: No easy fix for trash mountains that provide profit and pain

12. What is climate change? A really simple guide

13. Islanders with an eye on future generations push P.E.I. candidates for climate change action

14.  Pay-as-you-throw fees and 4 more ways to reduce waste

15. Climate Change: How is your country doing in tackling it?

16.  Alberta:  designing its own emission cap in the face of federal regulations.

17. El Niño planet-warming weather phase has begun

18. Microplastics can stick in human airways, new study finds

Unit One:

1.    Satellites Survey the Planet's Available Water

2.    Glaciers in Canada Disappearing Fast

3.    Ozone Layer may be restored in Decades

4.    Will We Ever Be Able to Predict Earthquakes?

5.    Turkey Earthquake Fault Lines Mapped from Space

6.   Antarctic Expedition Gets Up an Personal with a Melting Glacier

7.  Study reveals global algae blooms are growing, and warming waters may be to blame

8.  Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks

9.  What is the UN High Seas Treaty and why is it needed?

10.  Oceans littered with 171 trillion plastic pieces

11.  American Water Crisis

12.  The epic quest to build a permanent Moon base

13.  Grasslands store tons of carbon — and there's a movement to protect them

Unit Two: Sustainability and Natural Resources

1.    Human Development Index Data for each Country

2.    Sustainability Goals as Set out by the United Nations

3.    Rapidly Melting Permafrost... Problem?

4.    COP15 - Reach a Deal for the Environment

5.    Dealing with the Problem of Plastic

6.    Single Use Plastics are now Banned in Canada

7.    India overtakes China as the most populous country

8.   Japan to release radioactive water into the ocean

9.   Oil Giant Predicted Climate Change in the 1970s

10.  Pollution Causing Harmful Agal Blooms

11.  2022 the 4th or 5th Warmest in History

12.  Federal plastics ban creates unintended consequences for compostable alternatives

13.  U.S. tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber 'unjustified': B.C. ministers 

14.    Brazil Sinks Rusting Aircraft Carrier

15.   The Race Across Europe to Build Greener Steel Plants

16.   Big Oil Walks Back on Climate Pledges after Most Profitable Year.

17.  Your Toilet Paper may be cut from and important Canadian Forrest.

18.    Giving New Life to Oil Waste

19.  State of the oilpatch: Plentiful profits, pricey fuel, and a climate crisis

20.  Where do 'forever chemicals' in drinking water come from?

21.  Federal, Alberta governments to study public notice process around oilsands tailings leak

22.  UN climate report: Scientists release 'survival guide' to avert climate disaster

23.  Guilbeault calls for stronger links with Alberta on oilsands tailings ponds issues

24.  N.W.T. diamond mine reports spill of 450 million litres of wastewater

25.  UN warns against 'vampiric' global water use

26.  Ending sewage dumping will mean higher water bills - report

27.  Ottawa says it's making Canada's largest ever investment in protecting fresh water

28. Canada is sitting on a critical minerals motherlode. But is it ready for the new gold rush?

29. Climate change: Fossil fuel emissions from electricity set to fall 

30.  The plan to make a giant hot water bottle underground

31.  Nearly 6 million litres of water from oilsands sediment pond released into Athabasca River

32.  India to have more people than China by mid-2023, UN says

33.  Life on the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific.

34.  Accelerating melt of ice sheets now 'unmistakable'

35.  This is how much sea level rise has sped up, UN agency reports

36.  Kids with climate anxiety better strap in, because it's going to be a bumpy ride

37.  Dead wildlife found at oilsands tailings pond in northern Alberta

38.  Recent, rapid ocean warming ahead of El Niño alarms scientists

39.  Climate change: Satellite maps warming impact on global glaciers

40.  Most populous nation: Should India rejoice or panic?

41.  Winnipeg councillors consider retrofits for city buildings to cut greenhouse gas emissions

42.  Paper can't be a solution to plastic waste': Canadian environmentalists warn about the rise in single-                                                              use paper products

43.  Renewable energy projects worth billions stuck on hold

44.  Australia government approves first new coal mine since elected

45.  Wind is main source of UK electricity for first time

46.  Lithium, coined the "new oil," is shifting global markets.

47.  The heat may come, but backyard pools won't be refilled in northeastern Spain this summer

48. The growing pressure to deal with the growing crisis of mining pollution.

49.  Raw Sewage Spills in England.

50.  What Does a 1.5˚C Temperature Rise in Temperature Mean for Canada?

51.  Global Warming Set to Break Key 1.5˚ Limit For First Time 

52. Demand for battery minerals is increasing — how can we keep up?

53.  'Come get me': Premier defends Sask. coal power supply past 2030 despite federal law

54.  "Forever" chemicals found in Canadian's Blood Samples

55.  Denmark is getting off fossil fuels. Are there lessons there for Canada?

56.  Rise in extreme wildfires linked directly to emissions from oil companies in new study

57.  El Niño is on our doorstep, but not all are created equal.  Wheat does it mean for Canada?

58.  What microplastics are doing to seabirds could tell us about their effect on humans

59. G20 countries are fuelling 'modern slavery,' report says

60.  Sinking boats and dumping Concrete to save fish

61. I love my electric car but I didn't realize my life would revolve around charging it

62. UN begins salvage operation to stop catastrophic oil spill off Yemen

63. Production begins at Manitoba's 1st potash mine

64. Ottawa, Nova Scotia at odds over $4.5B for Atlantic Loop

65. AI to stop water pollution before it happens

66. Toxic algae kills hundreds of dolphins and sea lions on California coast

67.  Did you know we recycle our paper in India?  But there's a problem...

68.  Climate change: Deforestation surges despite pledges


1.   Charting Gun Violence

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