GEO 20

 Geography in the NEWS:

1.    France makes it illegal to throw away unsold food - should we?

2.    Biodiversity: What is a mass extinction and are we causing one?

3.    Humans want to mine the moon: Here are the rules.

4.    The rush to electric cars may be a mistake.

5.    E-Waste - What about a common phone charger

6.   Are Electric Vehicles Good?  Is there a plan for the waste they create?

7.  How do E vehicles perform in the cold?

8. Electric Vehicles promise environmental wins, But could there be an environmental cost?

9.   Earth's inner core may have stopped turning and could go into reverse, study suggests

10.  Climate change: Invest in technology that removes CO2 - report

Unit One:

1.    Satellites Survey the Planet's Available Water

2.    Glaciers in Canada Disappearing Fast

3.    Ozone Layer may be restored in Decades

Unit Two: Sustainability and Natural Resources

1.    Human Development Index Data for each Country

2.    Sustainability Goals as Set out by the United Nations

3.    Rapidly Melting Permafrost... Problem?

4.    COP15 - Reach a Deal for the Environment

5.    Dealing with the Problem of Plastic

6.    Single Use Plastics are now Banned in Canada

7.    India overtakes China as the most populous country

8.   Japan to release radioactive water into the ocean

9.   Oil Giant Predicted Climate Change in the 1970s

10.  Pollution Causing Harmful Agal Blooms

11.  2022 the 4th or 5th Warmest in History

12.  Federal plastics ban creates unintended consequences for compostable alternatives

13.  U.S. tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber 'unjustified': B.C. ministers 

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