How to Deal with Failure


How to Deal with Failure in Life

Remind yourself that:

1. This is not the end. You are going to survive. There’s no point in pretending that life is always great. Sometimes we trip and fall, or we make terrible mistakes. Allow yourself to heal, then get up and start again. Take one or two small steps, and know you’re going to survive!

2. Everybody makes mistakes along the way. You’re only a failure if you give up and don’t try. Accept that you are human, and then move on with your life.

3. Positive thinking leads to positive results. If you think you can succeed then there’s a good chance that you will. The mind is very powerful; we create what we believe.

4. Success is closer than you think when you are down. Mistakes can be our teachers; they don’t mean that all is lost. You’re likely one step closer to getting what you want. 

5. You are not your mistakes. Don’t fall into the trap of defining who you are by different things you’ve done – or by your failures and mistakes. 

6. There are very few mistakes which are truly devastating. Mistakes are merely setbacks. You can always start again.

7. A failure is sometimes a blessing in disguise. Not getting what you want can sometimes be a stroke of luck. It makes you reconsider, and try some different things. And these can often lead to better opportunities.

8. You have the power to determine your own happiness. – You can hold onto the heartaches and the failures of the past – or choose to let them go and fix your eyes on what’s ahead. It’s up to you to choose what will become your destiny.

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