Recording Dates

Master Recording List

Grade 9 Concert 
Recordings Due: March 19th
Synergy 22-50. WITH THE MEDIUM 22-50 RECORDING

Recordings Due: March 5th
Sundance 16 - 39. Flute and Clarinet 1 with Slow recording.  
Everyone else use the medium recording.

Recordings due Jan 29 
Synergy 9 - 22 - Whole Band 

Recordings due Jan 15 
Sundance 9 - 16. No Percussion (exempt) 

Recordings due Dec. 18th 
Sundance: (Instrumentalists) mm. 5 - 9 (Percussion mm. 31-38) 
Synergy: (Everyone) mm. 5-9. 

Recordings due Dec. 4th
Sundance: (Instrumentalists) Beginning to mm4 (Percussion mm.16-19)
Synergy: (Everyone) Beginning to mm4.

Grade 10 Concert 
Recordings Due: March 19th
Wings of Angels 34- End with Medium or Regular Recording

I have added a SLOW recording Wings to help if needed.

Recordings Due: March 5th
America 17 - 49 with Medium Recording

I have added a SLOW recording AMERICA from beginning to 49 to help if needed.

Child's Embrace: 11-32

Recordings Due: Jan 29th 
On the Wings Of Angels 17 - 33 

Recordings Due: Jan 15th 
America Beginning to 17 
Child’s Embrace 32 to 40 

Recordings Due: December 18th
A Child's Embrace: Beginning to 11
On the Wings of Angels: 60 - 66 (beat one)
America: 79 - End

Recordings Due: March 19th
Alleluia: 41 -77

Recordings Due: March 5th
River of Life:  122 - END.  Flutes and Clarinets with slow Recording.

NOTE: To help with Practice I have also included a 44-64 SLOW tack on the listening site as it is a bit clearer than the second time through on the D.S.

Recordings Due: Jan 29th 
River of Life: Beginning to 29 

Recordings Due: Jan 15th 
Alleluia: Beginning to 41 

Recordings Due: December 18th
Alleluia: 77 - 93
River of Life: 68-106

B.I.G. Band 

Recordings Due: March 22nd
Recorda Me 29 - Beat 1 of 71

Recordings Due: March 12th
Cruise control 28-61
Cerebro - 105-137

Recordings Due: Jan 22nd 
Recorda Me 79 - 87 
Cruise control 21- 27 
Cerebro - 179 - End 

Recordings Due Dec. 18th 
Record Me - mm 10 - 29 (all repeats as indicated) 

Recordings Due: Nov 20 (extension to Dec 4th) 
Recorda Me - Beginning to 9 
Cerebro Congelado 34 - 58 
Cruise Control - Beginning to 13 

Recordings Due: Due: Nov. 6th
Cruise Control bar 60 - end
Cerebro Congelado - beginning to 34


Recordings Due: March 22nd 
Oh So Nice: 2 before F to the END
A to Z: Beginning to 57

Recordings Due: March 12th
Mofongo - 17 - 40 Playing

Recordings Due: Jan 22nd 
Oh So Nice: D to E 
A to Z: 57-72 
Mofongo - Beginning to 17 

Recordings Due Dec 18th: 
Mofongo De Mama mm 41 - 50 
(all repeats and all 4x at 41-56 as indicated in your part) 

Recordings due Nov 20th: (extension to Dec 4th
Its Oh So Nice - C to D 
Mofongo De Mama - DS to END 
A to Z - 90 to 112 

Recordings Due: Nov. 6th.
AtoZ from measures 112 to the END
It's Oh So Nice - beginning to 2 bars before C.

Sr. Jazz 

Recordings Due: March 22nd 
Squib Cakes -  E to the END

Recordings Due: March 12
S.V.H.T.G. 33 - 69
Soul Vac. 25 - 50

Recordings Due: Jan 22nd 
S.V.H.T.G. Beginning to 33 
Soul Vac. Beginning to 26 
Squib Cakes - D1 to the start of E

Recording due: Dec 18th 
Soul Vac. mm. 34 - 69.s 

Recordings Due: Nov 20 (extension to Dec 4th)
Squib Cakes - Beginning to start of trumpet solo (12/8)
So Very Hard to Go - 68 to the end


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