Recording Dates

Master Recording Assignment List 

All recordings must be played with a metronome at the tempo indicated 
All recordings are to be uploaded to your Youtube Channel and the links are to be emailed to 

Grade 9 Concert 

Recording Due:     Feb 22nd         El Relecario - 28 to beat one of 49  quarter = 120

Recording Due:     Feb 7th          El Relecario - Beginning to 28 (with repeats) quarter = 120

Recording Due:    Jan 24th           Dream Field - Beginning to mm 25.

Grade 10 Concert 

Recording Due:     Feb 22nd        Forteleza mm.20 - 53.  quarter = 120

Recording Due:     Feb 7th           Where stand the Dauntless mmm 10 - 36  quarter = 160

Recording Due:     Jan 24th           Walking Tune - Coda to the end.


Recording Due:     Feb 22nd        Come Down Rain. mm 56 -90 quarter =120

Recording Due:     Feb 7th           Mt. Everest 48 - 86   quarter = 76 

Recording Due:     Jan 24th          Come Down Rain. mm 90- END quarter =120

Rouge Road 

Recording Due:      Feb 14th        Move n' Groove H to the END quarter = 152

Recording Due:     Jan 31st           Move n' Groove E to G quarter = 152

Recording Due:      Jan 17th          Como Te Va?  pick-up to mm 9 to mm. 27. 

Warrior Jazz 

Recording Due:       Feb 14th          Count Bubba's. mm119 to 138.  quarter = 160

Recording Due        Jan 31st           Count Bubba's. mm77 to the fall at the end of 119. quarter = 160

Recording Due:       Jan 17th          Count Bubba's. mm 35 to the fall at mm 73.

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