Jazz Bands 2021-2022

WESTWOOD JAZZOdd days (1,3,5)
Gamayao, AngelaAlto I
Ward, ChaseAlto II
Hudson, NaomiTenor 
Tarrant, RachelTenor 
Bain, JasperBari 
Varghese, NathanTrumpet 
Koppenhoefer, AlexTrumpet
Villanueva, SophieTrumpet
Houghton, BraedenTrombone 
Cortiguera, Kidus Trombone 
Clement, JackTrombone 
Skakum, ZakPiano
Sarrondo, SebastianBass
Baldwin, TyGuitar
Clarke, ArannanDrums
Schrader, BrookeMallets

Rouge Road RenegadesEven Days (2,4,6)
Wiebe, ElijahAlto
Kartinen, EllyAlto
Thiessen, BaileyTenor
Thompson, LexyTenor
 Devries, Jillian
Smith, JackTrombone
Reimer, DamienTrombone
Espiritu, GuileTrombone 
Martens, EricBass Bone
Costa, SophiaTrumpet 
Siwicki, MeckennaTrumpet
Cochrane, SamTrumpet
Kingerski, ChelseaTrumpet
Coulter, BradyPiano
Rintoul, AdamBass
LeDrew, LakeGuitar
de Olabarria, BoscoGuitar
Franklin, TimDrums
McDowel, BrycenMalletts
Komar, JordanAux Percussion
Varela Rodriguez, BieitoAux Percussion

Audition Piece:  Chicks Dig It (think chickens pecking in the soil)

Listen to it Here:  Chicks Dig It or Chicks Dig It

download the MP3 here:  Chicks Dig It

Download your part here - Chicks Parts (right click and select download linked file)



1.       Record yourself playing along with the track.  I will not consider any track where I cannot see you and your fingers or any track where I cannot hear you clearly above the original track.

2.      Upload recording to your YouTube channel and email the link to greg.edwards@sjasd.ca

3.      Links due no later than 7:00AM June 18th.

4.     You are welcome to ask questions, but I will not answer anything with regards to your playing the        piece (Articulations, dynamics, etc.) or anything that is listed here.

5.      Tenor 1 DOES NOT have to do the solo.

6.      All altos on Alto 1, Tenors on Tenor 1, etc.

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