Sr. Jazz Auditions 2022

Audition Piece:  Chicks Dig It (think chickens pecking in the soil)

Listen to it Here:  Chicks Dig It or Chicks Dig It

download the MP3 here:  Chicks Dig It

Download your part here - Chicks Parts (right click and select download linked file)



1.       Record yourself playing along with the track.  I will not consider any track where I cannot see you and your fingers or any track where I cannot hear you clearly above the original track.

2.      Upload recording to your YouTube channel and email the link to

3.      Links due no later than 7:00AM June 18th.

4.     You are welcome to ask questions, but I will not answer anything with regards to your playing the        piece (Articulations, dynamics, etc.) or anything that is listed here.

5.      Tenor 1 DOES NOT have to do the solo.

6.      All altos on Alto 1, Tenors on Tenor 1, etc.

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