Sr. Jazz Auditions 23/24

 Sr. Jazz Auditions 2023/24


You are all to prepare the selected song : Tiger of San Pedro

You can find a recording here:  Tiger of San Pedro (Partial Recording)

                          Here:  Tiger of San Pedro (Original Recording by Bill Watrous)

                          Here:  Tiger of San Pedro (John La Barbera Big Band)

                          Here: Tiger of San Pedro (Our Version Azusa Jazz Band at the Workman Jazz Festival)

                          Here:  Tigre of San Pedro (Our version Williamsville North High School with special guest (Winnipeg's own)... John Pittman)

                          Here: Tiger of San Pedro (Our Version BDJO at the Osaka Jazz Festival)

In the audition you will play along with the BDJO at the Osaka Jazz festival track.  

The percussion break is 8X at 97.  Drummers will be expected to solo during this break.


Everyone (Except Drummers) will prepare the melody and two choruses of blues solo for WATERMELON MAN by Herbie Hancock.

You will play along and solo with this track: WATERMELON MAN

Play the Melody 2x through then solo 2x through.

You can find the original here:  Watermelon Man: Herbie Hancock


Auditions will take place from June 5 -16th with results posted the week of the 19th.

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