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Ascending Solo Section Practice Tracks

Ascending and Chicks Dig it SOLO FOLDER


Wondering what is happening the first week back as we shift to remote?  Check TEAMS.


Solo help with melodies and chord help


Chicks Dig It


Recording of beginning of Count Bubba to the fall of mm 35. You must play with a metronome set at quarter note = 144.  Due Friday the 26th.  


Written Reflection #1 is due on Friday Nov. 5th.  Need a refresher on how to complete one?  Click Here - Written Reflection Information.   Written reflections must be typed and can be submitted in person or via email to greg.edwards@sjasd.ca.  Reminder that if emailed they must be in the form of a PDF.  


Record and upload to your Youtube Chanel - pick up to 121 to the end of measure 129 of Ascending without the recording playing in the background.  Naomi -  record the minor ascending scale full range of your instrument in thirds.  Rhythm section are to record their parts as written.  Due Tuesday October 19th.

Posted Sept. 27th

Thriller quiz on Friday in class.  

Due Monday October 4th:  

Record and upload to your Youtube Chanel - pick up to 113 to beat three of measure 120 of Ascending without the recording playing in the background.  Naomi and Sophie are to record the minor ascending scale full range of their instruments in eighth notes at the tempo of quarter equals 60.  Rhythm section are to record their parts as written.

Posted Sept. 23 

Music has been distributed and recordings have been uploaded to the listening site.

Mini-Unit on Michael Jackson and his album Thriller was discussed in class today. Unit quiz to follow next week.

Anything below comes from the 2020-2021 School Year:

Posted Jan 15

What does back to school on the 18th of January look like for band

1.    Band students come to class as scheduled following the A-K, L-Z Protocol

2.    When you have band on a remote day you will join class via the Zoom link posted on TEAMS.

3.     “In-Class” band students will bring their instruments. Exceptions... contact Mr. E.

4.    "Remote" band students will play along with the class/ recordings as per usual.

5.    Students may choose to participate remotely and leave class early to get back to Westwood, but must inform Mr. Edwards ahead of time of their choice.

6.    As per usual, when band lass falls on a Wednesday or a Thursday everyone attends class at Westwood.

Posted Dec 17

Brass players having a hard time pitching should look at using the TINY PIANO APP - free on iOS and Android devices.  We have all met to discuss and are using THIS FORM to help find the pitches to our melodies.

Posted Dec. 11

The Division has declared Monday, January 4 as Professional Learning Day for staff. Online (Remote) classes resume 

Tuesday, January 5 - which is a Day 5 - so.....  

Sr. Jazz at 7:50.  Gr. 9 Concert Band Period 2 and B.I.G Band at Lunch.

Students will be expected to join daily at the start of class to take part in the virtual class learning.  Classes will be no longer than 30 Minutes in length and Mr. Edwards will stay online to answer any specific questions.  For longer sessions (10 min or so) students are encouraged to take advantage of the extra help time from 3:00 - 3:30 through TEAMS. 

There have been some slight adjustments to class times to simplify the schedule. The new times are as follows. 

Period 1 - 9:00 a.m. to 9:55 a.m. 

Period 2 - 10:00 a.m. to 10:55 a.m. 

Period 3 - 11:00 a.m. to 11:55 a.m. 

Period 4 - 12 Noon to 12:55 p.m. 

Period 5 - 1:00 p.m. to 1:55 p.m. 

Period 6 - 2:00 p.m. to 2:55 p.m. 

Extra Help time 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Posted Dec. 2nd

Today was a wonderful discussion centring on "what makes a quality gift?" Are your recordings of quality?

Assignment:  Soul Vac recording due Dec 18th.  mm. 34 - 69.

Soul Vac Time Codes:

mm. 9 - 0:20 1x (all across the nation), 0:57 2x - (fo mo better health), 3:15 D.S. (Roll up your sleeve),  17 - 0:38 1x, 1:15 2x, 3:33 D.S., 26 - 1:33, 30 - 1:42, 34 - 1:52, 42 - 2:10, 50 - 2:28, 54 - 2:36, 58 - 2:46, 62 - 2:56, CODA 71 - 3:50, 79 - 4:07, 87 - 4:25, 95 - 4:42,  104 - 5:02

Posted Nov. 30th

Hope everyone is having a relaxing start to their week.  To help everyone have the best recordings possible and help with your planning for later on in the week, we will now be having full class whenever your class falls on a Wednesday or on a Thursday.  Please pass on this information to your colleagues and into your group chats so that no one misses out on this fantastic opportunity. This is for both jazz band concert bands.  To sum up, this means that I will see you in the band room for a full class every week now on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Posted Nov. 25th

In addition to the post below, in the case of code RED we will be meeting on TEAMS  during class time at precisely 7:50AM


In the event of schools moving to Code Red

NO Change or very little.  Keep moving steadily towards our performance, as always.

Classes will shift to meeting on TEAMS during class time and meeting will last approximately 30 min. Attendance will be taken.

We are on the right path and all wind instrument players already have all of their music and instruments at home.  The only consideration would be to accommodate the percussion section and the rhythm section.  Since there is no sharing of instruments, the rhythm section players of the jazz band already are using their own bass guitars, guitars, etc. and already have the equipment they need at home. In anticipation of this change to code RED, I have already ordered extra mallet kits to send home to accompany our own in-house portable inventory.  The same consideration will have to be made for the concert band percussionists.

Posted Nov. 19th (2:33PM)

With no change with Code Orange insight, we have moved the horns to a multi-faceted form of remote learning.  The Horns (everybody except for rhythm section) are no longer required to attend class during the scheduled time (with one exception - see below).  The rhythm section will be required to come to class as scheduled, and we will work together on our parts for the upcoming concert.  That being said, all students will come to class whenever class falls on a Wednesday.  During this time, we will meet as a team and go over the minutia of our pieces.  BRING YOUR MUSIC AND A PENCIL TO WEDNESDAY CLASSES.

As you can see from the notes below, students record themselves playing the sections as indicated.  They are to create a YouTube channel and upload their videos and send me the links.  Each video submission is out of 50 possible marks and can be re-tested.  

All videos must include you saying:  your name, grade, class, selection and the sections of the selection you are playing.

It goes without saying, but just in case we were unclear in class, this is a video project where I must be able to see you playing your instrument.  Videos without picture or videos of your ceiling while you play will receive a mark of zero until re-submitted.

Posted Nov. 19 (11:00AM)


Posted Nov 17

All jazz bands have received and extension and the recordings are now due on the 4th of December.

Posted No. 16th (7:30 PM)

 Time stamps below are to help you find your way matching your part to the recording.  Really helpful when working with LOOPER (download this FREE app - red infinity sign on iOs and circle on Android)

So Very Hard to Go

mm. 3 - 0:06, 11 - 0:25, 18 - 0:43, 26 - 1:03, 31 - 1:15, 33 - 1:22, 41 - 1:41, 48 - 1:58, 56 - 2:18, 

61 - 2:31, 68 - 2:49, 76 - 3:09

Updated Nov 16th - Posted Nov. 10

Recordings Due: Nov 20

Squib Cakes - Beginning to start of trumpet solo (12/8)

So Very Hard to Go - 68 to the end

Upload your recordings to youTube and email the links to: greg.edwards@sjasd.ca

Posted October 30th

The "Plan”: Code Orange

Sr. Jazz:  All students attend class as they have been for the past month.  We will continue to compose and arrange our 8 selections and reduce the main charts to lead sheets for memorization.  Each class will centre on 1-2 of the 8 charts we are working on and marks will be given for lead sheet submission. IF lead sheets are completed, we will ask for the horns to keep learning remotely as we focus our in-class time to work with the rhythm section.  So, remotely and asynchronously, the horns will be working on their parts to: S.V.H.T.G., Squib Cakes and Soul Vaccination.  Students may be asked to play specific sections along with the recordings.

Lead sheet for  So Very Hard to Go is due in class on Tuesday Nov. 3.

REMINDER: Written Reflection #1 is due Monday Nov. 9th.  You can find all of the information you need to complete a successful Written Reflection in the drop down menu on the home page.

 Posted Sept 10th

Unfortunately, while we work through the A-K/ L-Z portion of the beginning the year, 1/2 of the band students will not be able to attend "in-class" learning until the week starting the 28th of September. Until that time, there will be a need for the "out-of-class" students to complete some assignments. Please see the guide below for your class expectations.

What this means, is that starting the week of the 28th you come to school for band as it is indicated on your time table or on your "off-day."  This may very well mean that you only come to school for band that day; however, there is many other classes following this format, so you might find that you will also be here for things like: Dance, Choir, IB, Math...etc.  

Until then, here is the plan:

All Jazz Bands:

  1. By the 22nd the expectation for "out of class" learning will be that each student who needs to rent a jazz instrument stops by the band room on their "off-day" and signs one out in preparation for classes to begin the week of the 28th.


Reminder for morning classesbe in the band room by 7:10AM and playing by 7:20AM

Schedule for the first week of rehearsals:

28, 30, 2 - L.T.J.O.
29, 1 - Sr. Jazz, B.I.G. Band (lunch)


Trumpets, Altos and some Tenors in your locker

Everything else - band room shelves or Scherzo Room (Bases/ Guitars).

Westwood Bands in the News

It has been a very exciting week in the band room as we prepare for our final concert.  In the midst of all that excitement, Mr. Edwards was...