Monday, 10 September 2012

Your Band  TO DO list:

1)  Auditions begin on Friday the 14th for Gr 10, 11, 12 and Jr. Jazz and Monday the 17th for Gr. 9 and intermediate Jazz.

   a)  Red Book Audition Numbers:

   Gr. 9 - Page 7 #3
   Gr. 10 - Page 9 #19
   Gr. 11 - Page 11 #35
   Gr. 12 - Page 12 # 43

   b)  Chromatic Scale - This is 2 octaves starting on any note.  You will say the note name and then    play the note you named.... remember up in "Sharps" and down in "Flats."   Gr. 9's may use a fingering chart.  Gr. 10- 12 - no.

Note:  the audition number out of the Red Book is worth 50 marks and the Chromatic scale is worth 100 marks.  The Red Book numbers can be re-tested to improve your grade as many times as you wish until the end of first semester.  You are awarded 100 marks on the completion of the chromatic scale.  If you do not complete this task by the first reporting period (Nov. 9th), you will receive a mark of "0" until you complete the task.

2)   Sr. Jazz begins on Thursday the 13th at 7:30 a.m.  Intermediate and Jr. Jazz will begin auditions this week and students will be placed in an ensemble according to ability.

3)  Sectionals:  you must complete 4 sectionals by the end of the first reporting period (Nov. 9th).  For this first set, these should be completed during class time while I am processing the auditions in his office.  You may sectional with unlike instruments; however, the is a far greater benefit from having sectionals with like instruments.

4)  Everything will be on this blog.  I will assume for the remainder of the year that if I have posted information here on this blog, that you have read it and will come to me if you have any questions.  To keep everyone in the loop, you can sign up with your email address on the right-had side of this post and my blog will email you when I post something new.

5)  All information will be posted on the blog and conversational items will be posted on Edmodo.  Please make sure you can still access your account.  If you cannot please see me immediately and we can rectify the situation together.

6)  If you need an instrument, we will be taking care of that during class this week.  Rental fees are $120 for the year.  Fees can only be paid by cheque and cheques are to be made payable to "Westwood Collegiate."

7)  When it comes to instrument and the like, I can usually find something to solve my problems at the Conn-Selmer website.  Here you, in the teacher's section, you will find just about everything to solve your problems.  From fingering charts to interesting suggestion on technique, it is all here.  Here is a quick link for you - Conn-Selmer