Thursday, 20 June 2013

End of the year stuff

As we put the band Program to bed for the summer, there are a few things to finnish up.

1)  I am missing folders from Jackson Anderson and Brenden McLeod.  Please bring those back ASAP, or I have to charge you for them.... and that's no fun.

2)  The band DVD is at the copy house and will be ready for pick up next week.  I will put a post here on the blog when it is ready or you can come by the band room when you pick up your report card.

3)  Sr. Jazz auditions are just about finished, I will be posting the list in the band room and I will also be posting it on this blog some time Friday.

4)  Reminder to Grad band members that your final rehearsal is tomorrow at 12:00.  You are expected to be at the concert hall on the 25th at 7:00 a.m. in uniform.  Grad starts at 9:00 and you should be done by 12:00 ish. We are to go through the back of the hall and enter through the performers entrance.  Just say you are here for the Westwood Grad and security will let you in.  Also, don't forget to say, "thank you" when they let you in.  If you are not getting dropped off, bring money for parking and park directly behind the hall.  Parking is about $12 for the day.

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