Wednesday 9 December 2020

Kate and Brooke - Artists of the Month


Band Students of the Month:

Brooke S.and Kate W.

It is with unparalleled enthusiasm that we announce that Kate and Brooke have been named the band students of the month for December.  You may recognize these two outstanding young ladies from their athletic accomplishments: basketball, volleyball, hockey, rowing, badminton and just being all around wonderful athletes….  But, did you know about their dedication to another team… Symphonic Band and our top tier jazz ensemble - the Little Tykes Jazz Orchestra.

These two amazing young ladies have set themselves apart from the other musicians in our school through their willingness to tackle any part that is given to them.  “Good enough” is simply not in their vocabulary and they now have come together to form the backbone of the Symphonic Band percussion section.  Snare drum… no problem.  Play maracas in your left hand and castanets with your right… you betcha! 4 mallet vibes part… bring it on.  There is nothing that can stop these two from having a great time doing what they love!

The best part is the smile that they both seem to share when the parts come together after hours of hard work.  They both brighten up any room they enter. Brooke brings a light to the 7:10AM rehearsals for L.T.J.O. and her auxiliary percussion skills are unparalleled here at Westwood.  Just ask her to demonstrate her authentic Afro-Cuban Tumbao on congas if you want to see her in action.

As for Kate, she is happiest when there is a percussive problem to be solved and you simply know that once she commits to solving it, you it will be spectacular and everyone will benefit from her awesomeness.

These two do not seek the limelight, but if you every want to see them at home, drop by a rehearsal sometime and you will find them both doing what the love best, and that’s sharing their love of music with whomever will listen.

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