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1.    Course Outlines:   Jazz Band  Concert Band

2.    How to complete a successful chromatic scale in your audition:  Chromatics Explained

3.    Band Department Philosophy:  Philosophical Musings

4.    What you need to know to survive in Band:  Band Basics

5.    Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

6.    Advice for sections and section leaders:  So you've been named section what?

7.   Sample Mid Term Playing Assessment

8.  Sample Performance Marking Rubric

9.  Sample Audition Marking Rubric

10.  Back in the Day we went to Europe

Jazz Band

Jazz Band begins the week of the 11th.  Monday - Sr. Jazz at 7:20 AM. Tuesday - L.T.J.O.  7:20 AM and B.I.G. Band at 12:03PM.  No Instrument...