Gr. 9 Concert Band

Posted December 11.
Written reflection #2
Due: Jan 22

Sectionals:  Posted Nov 23rd

As we begin the 2nd quarter of the year, we will be resuming sectionals.

Sectionals come from our curriculum under the heading: CREATING MUSIC: Creative Expression in Music. This equated to roughly about 20% of our course content.

As mentioned in section two at the top of the course outline, “creative expression in music” refers to the student’s interpretive ability and how he/she/they may process the information that they are given.  This would include concepts such as: Phrasing, Musicianship, Interpretation, Balance and Blend, Risk Taking and Style.  It is a strong tenet of a well-developed program that its members have the opportunity to experiment with these concepts individually during class time; however, it is even more important that they meet and discuss these ideas in a small group setting and determine the best artistic solution to their endeavours.


Consequently, each student will be expected to meet three times during each reporting period with their section members to work on the aforementioned concepts.  In order to receive any accreditation towards a student’s summative evaluation, the sectional must be a minimum of 30 minutes and students must be present for the whole time. Sectionals are to be scheduled by the individual section members and coordinated by the section leader [named at the start of the year by Mr. Edwards].  Mr. Edwards will attend sectionals only if invited, as his presence may undermine the autonomy of the process. Sectionals do not have to take place at the school.  Once a sectional has taken place, it must be recorded in the sectional book in order to receive any mark. Sectionals can to be broken into individual parts – i.e. 1st Clarinet, 2nd Clarinet and 3rd Clarinet; however, one of your quarterly sectionals should try to include the entire section.

Each Sectional is marked out of 20 - Sectional cut off is Jan 26th

For those of your who have been named section leader.... you should read this: 

Recording Assignment:  Posted Nov 17th.

Each recording will be worth 50 mks and marked on our standard Rubric.

DUE:  December 15th.

In Quiet Times: With Recording 
Recording #1
Everyone:    pick-up to 34 to the end

Critical Call:  With Recording
Recording #2 
Everyone:   25 - the first two beats of 43

Written Reflection #1 Due Nov 6th.

- need help with your written reflection  - Click here WRITTEN REFLECTION

Assignment #1 - Due NO LATER THAN October 6th.

50 mks

Record a 1 octave chromatic scale using your method book.  Stop and say each note before you play it.

If you are unsure what to do....  

WATCH THIS   Mr. E's one octave Chromatic Example.

Please record and upload the recordings to your UNLISTED YouTube channel.  


Here's what you need to know about recording your playing assignments and submitting them to Youtube.

Students record themselves playing the sections as indicated on a device of their choosing.  They are to create a YouTube channel and upload their video and send Mr. E. the link.  This channel is to be unlisted so that no one can see it... only those people you share the link with. 

Each video submission is out of 50 possible marks and CANNOT be re-tested once submitted.   Click here to see MARKING RUBRIC for your assignment. 

All videos must include you saying:  your name, grade, class, selection and the sections of the selection you are playing.

Once you have uploaded your video, click on the share button in Youtube and copy the link.  Then email Mr. Edwards the link at

It goes without saying, this is a video project where I must be able to see you playing your instrument.  Videos with a still picture or videos of your ceiling while you play will receive a mark of zero.

Not sure how to create a Youtube channel... watch the short video below.

Playing a musical instrument good for brain health

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