Friday 13 October 2017

Sr. Jazz Does it Again!


This past Wednesday Sr. Jazz was invited to be the entertainment for the annual Trustee's Fall Supper put on by our school division's Trustees.

The band had a leisurely sound check at the venue early on in the afternoon the band, along with special guests: Ezri, Soren and Nathaniel made their way to the clubs private dining room for a team dinner.

After dinner all bets were off as the band and guests got their game faces on for the main event.  Energy was high as everyone sensed that this was going to be a special evening.

Once the band was introduced by Trustee Sandy Lethbridge, they ripped into Glen Miller's infamous jazz standard - In the Mood and boy were they in the mood.  As the trumpets brought the tune to a close the applause tore through the venue singling the start of Erzi's set.

She shared two original tunes: The 5 W's and Skin and Bones that connected deeply to the eager audience.  Tears could even be noticed falling from one of the members in the front row.

The Band new it was time to lighten things up and boy did they bring it.  With Special guest Soren on guitar and Nathaniel channeling the energy and great karma of Bruno Mars, the band lept into their rendition of his infamous classic - Uptown Funk.  As if that wasn't enough, Ryan tore through a smoking Bari Sax solo that had the audience hooting and hollering for more.... and more is what they got in the form of our killing' lead tenor player - Emily who held court until the end of this high octane chart.  Nathaniel was on point and brought the audience to the feet in ovation as the last notes wee still lingering in the hall.

Congrats to Sr. Jazz and a HUGE thank you to their special guests.

Huge Thanks on the division Web site, too.

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Westwood Celebrates with the WSO

On Wednesday October 4th Westwood was very proud to host the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Mickelthwate.  Invitations were sent out to the family of schools and in addition to the entire student body of Westwood Collegiate, we were joined by energetic students from: Robert Browning, Lincoln and Sansome.  All told, the gym was packed with enthusiastic audience members who were truly excited to hear what the symphony had to offer.  When the dust had settled, the Symphony played for a little over an hour and wrapped up with highlights from Star Wars: the Force Awakens.

Thank you to everyone involved and to all of the staff and students from Westwood for being such great hosts.

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Audition Results

Advanced Jazz Starts tomorrow (Oct. 5) at Lunch - be there at the bell

Intermediate Jazz being Friday (Oct. 6th) be in the band room no later than 7:15AM

Jr. Jazz begins on Friday (Oct. 6th) at Lunch - be there at the bell


Tuesday 3 October 2017

Arts Advisory Group

Hello Everyone!

The Westwood Collegiate Arts Advisory Group is a parent group that supports the arts programs (band, choral, dance, drama, film studies, graphic tech, musical theatre, photography, and visual art) in our school. All Westwood parents are invited to attend a "meet and greet" the evening of Thursday, October 26th in the library at 7:00 pm where you can hear about how you can get involved in this important parent group and help plan for their big evening of the arts, "For the Love of the Arts" in April.. Everyone is welcome!


Catharine Teichroew

Visual Arts Teacher
Department Head of Arts Education
Westwood Collegiate

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