Monday 27 June 2016

Band DVD

Band DVD' are now available and can me picked up as follows:

Grade 12's can pick up their DVD at the Grad Rehearsal on Monday June 27th in front of the office.

Grade 9-11's can pick up the DVD with their report cards on the 29th between 9:00AM and 3:00PM.

For those of you who are new or for those of you just getting a DVD for the first time, please remember that the DVD is just a storage device.  It will not play in a DVD player.  You insert this into your computer and download all the files on it.

In order to watch the movies, you are may need a program called “VLC.” This is a free program and you can down-load both the mac and P.C. version by visiting:

On behalf of everyone involved in this project, thank you for your support and enjoy the memories!

Mr. Edwards 

Tuesday 21 June 2016

SR. JAZZ 2016- 2017

Thank you to all who tried out for Sr. Jazz this year.  It was a very competitive year with many spots available and loads of talented students to fill them.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the list below was a very challenging decision.

SR. JAZZ 2016- 2017

Christian Trites - Alto I - (Co- Section Leader)
Camryn O'Dowda - Alto II
Davis Peters - Tenor I - (Co -Section Leader)
Emily Harris -Tenor II
Brady Cvitan - Bari Sax

Jack Hamm - Trombone I - (Co-Section Leader)
Brenna DiLazzaro - Trombone I
Tierney Betz - Trombone II
Jaden Lakie - Trombone II
Ben Ulmer - Trombone III
Austin Ducharme - Trombone III/ Tuba
David Loewen - Bass Bone - (Co-Section Leader)

Ben Schmidt - Trumpet I - (Co-Section Leader)
Avery Edwards - Trumpet I (Sweep)
Jami Cameron - Trumpet II - (Co-Section Leader)
Erin Cox - Trumpet III
Isabella Riemer - Trumpet IV

Carter LaFleche - Bass - (Co-Section Leader)
Aidan Clarke - Drums
Danika Magalas - Piano
Paul Caruthers - Aux - (Co-Section Leader)

SECTION LEADERS - when you are free, please stop by the band room this week for a quick 5 second meeting with Mr. Edwards.

Thursday 2 June 2016

A Note from Ms. Muncer

The text below arrived in a card from Ms. Muncer today and I wanted to make sure that her message got out to all of the band students.  It is with her blessings that it is reproduced here.

To:  Mr. Edwards and WW Band Students

Words cannot express my gratitude for the incredible welcome I received at the dress rehearsal last week.  I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the amazing cards that you gave to me.  Your kind, caring, inspiring and  mature thoughts was all very much appreciated.

Jake... Yes I love the cover designs!....  was this your handiwork?

Kjersten, thank you for suggesting the live feed!  Yes I heard the whole concert!

Piper... you kind and thoughtful words at the concert.... well you got me.  You are a very sweet, young, talented person with a heart of gold.

Finally....Mr. Edwards, my colleague and friend.  I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given me.  It's so very much more than anyone could ever wish for.

Miss you all to death.

Suzan Muncer.

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