Monday, 27 June 2016

Band DVD

Band DVD' are now available and can me picked up as follows:

Grade 12's can pick up their DVD at the Grad Rehearsal on Monday June 27th in front of the office.

Grade 9-11's can pick up the DVD with their report cards on the 29th between 9:00AM and 3:00PM.

For those of you who are new or for those of you just getting a DVD for the first time, please remember that the DVD is just a storage device.  It will not play in a DVD player.  You insert this into your computer and download all the files on it.

In order to watch the movies, you are may need a program called “VLC.” This is a free program and you can down-load both the mac and P.C. version by visiting:

On behalf of everyone involved in this project, thank you for your support and enjoy the memories!

Mr. Edwards 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

SR. JAZZ 2016- 2017

Thank you to all who tried out for Sr. Jazz this year.  It was a very competitive year with many spots available and loads of talented students to fill them.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the list below was a very challenging decision.

SR. JAZZ 2016- 2017

Christian Trites - Alto I - (Co- Section Leader)
Camryn O'Dowda - Alto II
Davis Peters - Tenor I - (Co -Section Leader)
Emily Harris -Tenor II
Brady Cvitan - Bari Sax

Jack Hamm - Trombone I - (Co-Section Leader)
Brenna DiLazzaro - Trombone I
Tierney Betz - Trombone II
Jaden Lakie - Trombone II
Ben Ulmer - Trombone III
Austin Ducharme - Trombone III/ Tuba
David Loewen - Bass Bone - (Co-Section Leader)

Ben Schmidt - Trumpet I - (Co-Section Leader)
Avery Edwards - Trumpet I (Sweep)
Jami Cameron - Trumpet II - (Co-Section Leader)
Erin Cox - Trumpet III
Isabella Riemer - Trumpet IV

Carter LaFleche - Bass - (Co-Section Leader)
Aidan Clarke - Drums
Danika Magalas - Piano
Paul Caruthers - Aux - (Co-Section Leader)

SECTION LEADERS - when you are free, please stop by the band room this week for a quick 5 second meeting with Mr. Edwards.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Note from Ms. Muncer

The text below arrived in a card from Ms. Muncer today and I wanted to make sure that her message got out to all of the band students.  It is with her blessings that it is reproduced here.

To:  Mr. Edwards and WW Band Students

Words cannot express my gratitude for the incredible welcome I received at the dress rehearsal last week.  I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the amazing cards that you gave to me.  Your kind, caring, inspiring and  mature thoughts was all very much appreciated.

Jake... Yes I love the cover designs!....  was this your handiwork?

Kjersten, thank you for suggesting the live feed!  Yes I heard the whole concert!

Piper... you kind and thoughtful words at the concert.... well you got me.  You are a very sweet, young, talented person with a heart of gold.

Finally....Mr. Edwards, my colleague and friend.  I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given me.  It's so very much more than anyone could ever wish for.

Miss you all to death.

Suzan Muncer.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band begins the week of the 11th.  Monday - Sr. Jazz at 7:20 AM. Tuesday - L.T.J.O.  7:20 AM and B.I.G. Band at 12:03PM.  No Instrument...