On-Line Rental

As of 2013, we have moved all of our band rental payments to an online automated system to meet the needs of our community.  As well, for safety & efficiency reasons, we want to reduce the amount of cash coming into our school. School-related expenses are now available online for you to make payment. It's easy! Just go to https://sjsd.schoolcashonline.com to get started. If you need help, easy instructions are available here.

You will receive an email when the fee is available on schoolcashonline.

As per division policy rental fee for all instruments is $120.00.

If a student is renting two instruments the fee is reduced in half to $60.00 for the 2nd instrument.

If a student is sharing an instrument the fee is cut in half to $60.00.

In addition, percussionists pay a one time fee of $60.00 for mallets and percussion maintenance.

Please Note:  We do not post or collect fees for instruments until sometime in mid October of the current school year to help ease the burden of multiple payments that always seem to happen at the beginning of every school year.

NameInstrumentFull Year1/2 second Instrument
Arenas, JClarinet11
Barnesky, BFlute1 
Barnesky, VClarinet1 
Baxter, AClarinet11
Baziuk, NClarinet1 
Brown, VFrench Horn1 
Carreiro, CTenor1 
Cochrane, VTrumpet1 
Cruz, KFrench Horn1 
Devries, JBari Sax11
Fewings, FBass Clarinet11
Globerman, EBass Clarinet1 
Goetz, AAlto1 
Grant, RValve Bone11
Jagodnik, ATuba11
Kartinen, EAlto1 
Kydd, LDouble Bass1 
Lardizabal, EBass Clarinet1 
Lukin, STrumpet1 
Martens, EBass Bone1 
McLauchlan, IClarinet1 
Narin, CTuba1 
Palmer, EAlto1 
Plohman, RTenor1 
Pocha, ABaritone11
Reimer, DTuba11
Rintoul, AFrench Horn1 
Samson, CFrench Horn1 
Shae, RAlto1 
Schurko, JTrombone1 
Skakum, ZBassoon1 
Tarrant, RTenor1 
Thiessen, BAlto1 
Varchuck, ATenor1 
Varghese, EClarinet11
Verillli, FBari Sax1 

Einarson, R
Lapkin, S
Lymperopoulos, R
Shea, R
Grenkow, H
Verbong, A
Thiessen, E
Omand, A
Franklin, T
LeDrew, L
McDowell, B
Coulter, B
Desjarlais, J

Jazz Band

Jazz Band begins the week of the 11th.  Monday - Sr. Jazz at 7:20 AM. Tuesday - L.T.J.O.  7:20 AM and B.I.G. Band at 12:03PM.  No Instrument...