Monday 26 May 2014

Watch our Concerts Anywhere in the World

As you know we have always been on the cutting edge of technology here in the Westwood Band Program and this concert is no exception.

We have two up coming concerts for you this week.  

Concert Band on Wednesday night at 7:00 PM CST and 
Jazz Band on Thursday night at 7:00 PM CST.


"Shut the Front Door!"

You can watch either night by clicking on the video below or watching on your device by clicking on the link from anywhere on the planet that there is wireless.

Live streaming video by Ustream

 Let's have some fun and share this link with your friends.... from Winnipeg to Wassagaming, from Cold Lake to Lynn Lake, from Victoria to Victoria Beach, from Nanaimo to Nairobi.... people  around the world can hear our song.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Band DVD Order Information

Dear Parents:

We are posting this to let you know about a very exciting and unique fundraising opportunity for the Band Program.  This year, we will again be selling a band DVD, which will feature lots of movies and tons of photos from each performing ensemble in the Band Program and including every concert.  We have been compiling this information over the past year, and we cannot tell you how excited we are about this dynamic project.  This exciting keepsake can act as a supplement to your son’s or daughter’s yearbook or act as a stand alone souvenir of the “too numerous to mention” accomplishments of the band program.  All orders must be pre-paid and no orders will be accepted after the 30th of May. A parent committee will be at the concert on the 28th to take your order.  The DVDs will be available for pick-up some time during the week of the 15th of June in the Band room. 

Pick up a DVD and enjoy a glimpse inside: “band@westwood”         

Please copy and print the lower portion as an order form and bring it to the concert with your cheque.

Each DVD sells for $20.00

Please submit this order form with your payment

DVD Title:  “band@westwood '2014”                      
            Student’s name ____________________________

            Student’s grade ____________________________

TOTAL NUMBER OF DVD’S ORDERD _____ X $20.00 = TOTAL COST  - $ _________ 


Tuesday 20 May 2014

Band Concert Set-up and Rehearsal Schedule

Set-up for the concert will be at 7:00 PM on Tuesday the 27th (Next Tuesday)

  I need everyone there for 15 minutes.

May 28th (Wed)  Day 4 - Concert Band in the gym at 7:00 P.M.

Rehearsal Schedule during the day will be:

Period 3:  Symphonic Band
Period 4/ Lunch :  Gr.9 Concert Band
Period 5: - Gr. 10/11 Concert Band (regular time with me)

May 29th (Thurs)  Day 5 - Jazz Band in the theatre at 7:00 p.m.

Rehearsal Schedule during the day will be:

7:30 - 8:30 - Sr. Jazz 
Period 1 - Jr. Jazz

Period 4/ lunch - Intermediate Jazz (regular time with me)

Wednesday 14 May 2014

A Must See Concert for Funk Fans - Earth Wind and Fire

World renown funk and soul band - Earth Wind and Fire are coming to Winnipeg August 16th at the concert hall.  If ever there was a band for you to see live, this is it.  Get whatever seat you can afford and book the night off work.... it will be worth every penny.

Check out tickets here - Earth Wind and Fire Tickets
Pre-sale ticket password - GROOVE

You can get it all here -

Here some videos to check out if you do not know this band [song titles below the video]

Boogie Wonderland

Shinning Star


Drummers - You should really think about this

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Sr. Jazz Audition Sign Up

Sr. Jazz audition sign up is now up in the band room. Auditions will take place from the 20th to the 30th of May.  Don't procrastinate and get your spot ASAP.

Thursday 1 May 2014

Westwood band students in the NEWS

1.   We start by wishing all of the members of the LMS Gr.7 concert band well as they head off to the Level one Band Festival today.

This article recently appeared in the Free Press and features some comment from our very own Gr.9 horn player Marissa.

Level One Band Festival Designed for Beginner Student-Musicians
WINNIPEG, MB — Grade 7 student, Chase McKay of Winnipeg has played the trombone in band
class since September. Next week, he, his band mates and more than 4,300 teenaged musicians will
be in the North Kildonan Brethren Mennonite Church, participating in the 2014 edition of the Level
One Band Festival.

"It will be a great learning experience," said McKay. "I want to learn how to play faster as well as
how to play articulations better and how to play higher notes. Band is the best thing that has
happened to me. I love playing the trombone!"
His music teacher, Darrell Chrisp of Lincoln Middle School feels this annual event is an important
one for her charges.

“It’s been a pretty big staple in my career,” said Chrisp, who has participated several times with her
students and has also adjudicated at the event. “I’ve tried other festivals, but the thing with Level
One is that my students leave it excited, they feel good about themselves, and this festival always
delivers that.”

While at the festival, the students have the chance to hear ensembles of their peers. According to
Chrisp, this added component is also beneficial to their development.
“It’s inspiring for them,” she said.

In previous years, the festival made an impact Chrisp’s former students, including French horn
player Marissa Friesen, who is now in Grade 9. She recalls the festival fondly. It was an occasion
during which she learned that being in a band was like being a member of a team, supporting each
other and collaborating to create together.

“What stuck out (at this festival) was the change in atmosphere. I got to experience what it was
really like to perform for people that were there to judge you, then give constructive criticism,” said
Friesen. “This more formal environment let me envision what band (is) like at the elite levels, but yet
gave me a brief glimpse. It did not overwhelm me, and it was exciting to be around people who
shared the same interest as me and loved to make music.”

This festival, which has been held for the past 15 years, is unique in that it is non-competitive. It
includes a performance portion for each participating band followed by workshops.
“The adjudication team understands, on an educational level, what these kids need to take away –
like how to get a better tone quality, play the dynamics better, play the articulations on the page,
play by ear, and execute rhythms. There’s a lot involved,” said Chrisp. “This festival meets all of
those things.”

The Level One Band Festival will take place at the North Kildonan Brethren Mennonite Church,
located at 1315 Gateway Road in Winnipeg. Local bands as well as ensembles from other
communities as far away as Brandon, Dauphin and Kenora will be involved. The general public is
welcome to attend the performance sessions, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 29 to
May 2. 

2.  We wish  Symphonic Band members Amy Z. and Christine L. the best of luck as they head into the Doubles Badminton Provincials this Friday and Saturday.  Christine and Amy were named the MHSAA Athletes of the Week. This remarkable girls badminton doubles team is undefeated in 2014, winning the Maples, Louis Riel and WWAC Championship. Coach Penning states, "These girls have an exemplary work ethic both on and off the court. Both are honours students and are involved either fully or partially with the school's IB Programme. They have been playing badminton together for 3 years and are very dedicated. Both girls are very involved in the community as well, giving up may hours to various youth and other volunteer groups. These are two of the most well rounded young women I have ever had the pleasure of coaching and teaching." Well done ladies!

3.  We wish 1011 Concert Band member Lindsay A. and Brittany K. the best of success as they travel to Edmonton this week to compete in the Under 17 Volleyball Nationals.  Lindsay is a member of Fury Blue out of East Transcona.  Her team finished 9th in the Province to earn their berth at the Nationals.  They are one of 80 teams vying for a National championship.  Lindsay, who plays middle, says, "we've had a pretty successful season and we have kept improving all year. We are a pretty strong over-all team and we're hoping for a medal in our tier at the least."  Good luck Fury!  Brittany plays on a different team in the u-18 category.

Good Luck ladies.

4.  We wish Cam C. a safe trip as he travels to Victoria this week to compete in the Victoria Drum Fest.  If you remember Cam was earlier crowned champion at the the Montreal Drumfest.  Cam writes, "I'm currently competing against people who are a bit older than me and I get 5 minutes on stage to play and by the end the judges judge who wins and it's a surprise of what you win."  Check out Cam's impressive three minute audition for this event.

5.  We wish Alex L. all the best as he heads off to race in the Fargo Marathon on the May long weekend.  For those of you that are unaware, that is 42.2K of solid running.  That's like running 105.5 laps of our track.  Alex has been training hard and is enjoying his taper as he gets ready for the big day.

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