Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mid-Terms and Re-Tests


I understand that many of you in 1011 Concert are going to be way today for broom ball and will, consequently, miss your midterm.  Remember that this is your mark, and I am here to help.  I am strongly recommending that you come see me if you miss class today and get your playing test done before the break.


A few people have been asking me about getting a retest done.

Remember, your time is valuable and, so is mine.  There are loads of people who want a piece of my time to do a re-test.  I am wanting to meet your needs, but, alas, there is only one of me.  So, with that in mind, let's think about these two things before booking a re-test with me.

1)  Don't waste our time.  If you are coming to see me and the end result is that your mark will change by 1 or 2.... don't bother.  Come in an "nail" it.  If you are not able to do 50/50, then let's do a lesson instead.

2)  You can go in groups.  Similar instruments are preferred, but not required.

Any other questions, see me and we will meet and work it out.

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