Monday 24 March 2014

Brandon Jazz Wrap-Up

What a simply wonderful event. We are so happy we took the time to make this happen.  The students and I are thrilled with the outcome and we are already talking about next year's event.  Some of the obvious high-lites were the simple ones...

  • Several days of jazz immersion.
  • Vocal jazz students hearing our jazz bands
  • Jazz band students hearing our vocal jazz groups.
  • Attending clinics and workshops
  • Listening to other groups your own age
  • Listening to world class performers like Rajaton and the BU Jazz Ensemble with Louis Bonilla.
  • Getting guidance and help from some really down to earth and supportive adjudicators.
Some not so obvious ones...
  • The cracker challenge is harder than you think...well not for Kjersten
  • No matter how many times you are reminded it is possible to forget the china cymbal stand in your hotel room.... David and Evan.
  • Sometimes the shower is just about the experience and that is why you don't label any of the 12 knobs.
  • Slide grease can get stuck in your trumpet bell - twice - Michael and Mr. E.
  • Forget bubble wrapping your kids.. there is nothing wrong with a huge snowball fight in formal dresses and suits.
  • Just because you can play an instrument and /or sing well, does not have any bearing on your bowling ability - Mr. Suban.
  • Apparently, Jr. Jazz has more fun in class than an electro-shock machine at a Twerking competition.
  • Red Bull can become a part of your daily routine.
On a serious note I was extremely proud of all our students and their mature behaviour.  They were the talk of the town both on and off the stage.  This was easily one of those moments where you realize that young people will rise to whatever standard you hold them to.

Here's our Festival photos:

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