Monday, 18 April 2016

Some Thoughts About Music and Children

One of the coolest things parents get to do is pass on musical knowledge to their children. In the best case scenario, kids develop a love of music at an early age, and express their enthusiasm for good tunes in wildly endearing ways.That’s certainly what happened to Matthew Canning, whose three-year-old daughter, Lily, is obsessed with Led Zeppelin, and is already a whiz at identifying the songs in the band’s catalog.

In a video posted to YouTube, Canning, who once played guitar in the hardcore band Shai Hulud, plays the beginning riffs of Zeppelin songs on guitar and asks Lily to identify each tune. Casually, she picks at a pack of gum while naming the songs — “Heartbreaker,” “Houses of the Holy,” “Dancing Days,” “Immigrant Song” — like a boss. She nails “Whole Lotta Love” after about half a riff, and stops her dad with a cry of recognition and a halting hand gesture after a few notes of another song: “It’s ‘Black Dog.'”

Later in the clip, she has a request: “‘Rock and Roll.’ I want to sing ‘Rock and Roll.'” Her dad obliges, of course, although Lily is more keen on dancing around the room to the song. In fact, she gives Robert Plant a run for his stage-moves money as she flails, her Elsa (as in Frozen) dress swirling around her. She stops only to sing the “lonely, lonely, lonely time” line that closes out the verse.

Basically, this is a case of good parenting all around, producing a super-cool kid. Ultimate Classic Rock gives this clip two metal horns all the way up.

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