Friday 13 March 2020

Important Information: Brandon Jazz Festival

As many of your are already aware, the Brandon Jazz Festival has been cancelled as a precautionary measure to assist with the control of any possible spread of the NOVEL COVID-19 virus.  

I have included the information we have received from the director of the festival and from our tour operator - Fehr Way Tours below.

Under no circumstances are you as a student or parent to contact either of these organizations, as they are swamped dealing with the massive changes that come with cancelling these events.  They will be dealing exclusively through our school and we will transparently share any information we have with you as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we all deal with this unexpected change,

Mr. Edwards

P.S. - the best thing you can do at this time to help is to keep washing your hands.

From the Director of the Brandon Jazz Festival:

MARCH - SPECIAL 2020 Newsletter
Brandon Jazz Festival 2020   March 19 - 21  CANCELLED

Dear Directors:

After much thought and consideration of the quickly changing health situation in Manitoba, Canada and North America and with the health and well being of students and teachers our main consideration, we have cancelled the 2020 Brandon Jazz Festival.  

Reported on the news this morning was the first confirmed case of Corona Virus in Manitoba.  By this time next week there could be hundreds of cases and we cannot take the risk of bringing all of your students together in tight quarters in concerts and having them all sharing equipment and microphones.

Please DO NOT call the WMCA about concert ticket refunds at this time.  I am meeting with them this afternoon to come up with a plan for refunds for concert tickets and registrations.  It will take time and I will update you as soon as we have more information.  

Please stay healthy!

Brent Campbell, Director
Brandon Jazz Festival.

From our tour company - Fehr Way tours:

Good Evening Brandon Jazz Family,

As you are aware by now - the 2020 Brandon Jazz Festival is officially cancelled.

We have contacted all of our suppliers and have informed them of the situation.  In fact, all of them have been gracious in providing a full refund.

For those who have purchased Festival Concert Tickets - they are still assessing the situation and will let us know the outcome.

Fehr Way Tours will be forwarding your Security Deposit (1st payment) over to a credit for next year.

We are grateful for your support and patience, as we begin the process of issuing refunds to everyone.

Stay well and we look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Dave Robinson
Fehr Way Tours

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