Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Optimist Wrap Up

What a  wonderful year at festival for Westwood Collegiate Congratulations to all of our Jazz Bands and Concert Bands for their outstanding performances at the festival.

At the Concert band portion of the festival, all three of our bands played extremely well and when the dust had settled,  Symphonic band walked away with a perfect mark.  And at the Jazz festival this past weekend competing against groups from all across our province we also fared extremely well.  Special congratulations goes out to the members of LTJO and Sr. Jazz who brought home trophies for having the top marks in their respective categories. 

A special thanks goes out to Ms. James for being the best chaperone ever and making sure that we were all looked after and that the instruments were safe.

In a nutshell, these two awards along with Symphonic Band’s perfect mark two weeks ago solidifies Westwood as one of the top music programs in our province.  Way to go bands!

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